The Camel Club


Author: David Baldacci
Title:  The Camel Club
Genre:  Political Thriller
Publication Date: 2005
Pages: 435 p.
Geographic Setting:  Washington D.C. metro area and Pennsylvania
Time Period: Present Day
Series: Camel Club novels

Plot Summary:
A group of outsiders and conspiracy theorists known as the Camel Club, become accidental witnesses to a man’s murder.  Soon four unlikely heroes led by their more than capable leader Oliver Stone (not his real name) are solving the case and discovering much more than anticipated.  At the same time, Alex Ford, a Secret Service agent nearing retirement, is assigned to investigate the murder.  He soon begins to uncover the truth, and finds his path linked to his old friend Oliver Stone.  The Camel Club and Alex Ford discover they are caught up in an unlikely battle among, terrorists, traitors, and America’s national security interests.  Told through multiple points view, the fast-paced action packed thriller is an excellent choice for fans of books with political intrigue.

Subject Headings: Secret Societies – Fiction, Nuclear warfare – Fiction, Conspiracies – Fiction, Camel Club, United States. Secret Service – Officials and employees, Political Fiction, Terrorists Suspense stories, American, Conspiracy theories

Appeal:  fast-paced, dramatic, multiple points of view, series (characters), strong secondary (characters), recognizable characters, action-oriented, investigative, plot-centered, plot twists, resolved ending, contemporary, details of national security, details of the secret service, details of the CIA, details about Islam, political, bleak, dramatic, suspenseful, vivid

Similar Authors and works (fiction): Vince Flynn Extreme Measures (terrorism, political thriller, CIA). Brad Thor The First Commandments (political thriller, corruption).  Kyle Mills Free Fall (political thriller, conspiracy theories, FBI).

Similar Authors and works (non-fiction): Joseph Petro and Jeffery Robinson Standing Next to History: An Agent’s Life Inside the Secret Service (details of the secret service, political).  George Crile Charlie Wilson’s War (details of the CIA, political intrigue).  Tim Weiner The Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA (details of the CIA, political, investigative).

Michelle K


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