Courting Trouble


Author: Lisa Scottoline

Title: Courting Trouble

Genre: Legal Thriller

Publication Date: 2002

Number of Pages: 308

Geographical Setting: Philadelphia

Time Period: Fourth of July weekend 2002

Series: Rosato and Associates novels #9

Plot Summary: Anne Murphy, the newest lawyer to the all-female Rosato and Associates, is about to start defending her biggest case yet. In order to escape the tourist-frenzied Philadelphia during the Fourth of July, she goes away for the weekend to prepare. The next morning she’s confronted with the headlines that she’s been found murdered. In this case of mistaken identity, Anne suspects Kevin Satorno, her stalker from Los Angeles who tried to kill her once before. She chooses to stay “dead” in order to investigate her own murder, so that whoever attempted to kill her doesn’t get a second chance. Meanwhile, she’s also working on winning her case, staying hidden from the police who have failed her in the past, and starting up a relationship with the prosecuting attorney.

Subject Headings: Women Lawyers – Fiction; Rosato and Associates (Imaginary Organization) – Fiction; Philadelphia (Pa.) – Fiction; Legal Stories; Murder; Mistaken Identity; Stalkers; Legal Thrillers; Suspense Stories – American

Appeal: fast-paced, series (characters), action-oriented, investigative, multiple plot lines, plot twists, resolved ending, contemporary, urban, suspenseful, accessible, intriguing, witty, exuberant, quirky, eccentric, linear, plot-centered, humorous, uneasy, chatty, natural, passionate

Similar Authors and Works (Fiction):

Linda A. Fairstein, Final Jeopardy, an actress is murdered in the house of a prosecutor in a possible case of mistaken identity.

Leila Kelly, False Witness, an Atlanta attorney digs up the truth behind a murder in a “burglary-gone-wrong.” High suspense and plot twists keep the book fast-paced.

Rose Connors, Maximum Security, Marty Nickerson defends a wealthy woman on trial for murdering her husband.

Similar Authors and Works (Non-Fiction):

Rhonda B. Saunders and Stephen G. Michaud, Whisper of Fear: the true story of the prosecutor who stalks the stalkers, a prosecutor relates the realities of stalking through her own experiences in the courtroom.

Ronald Markman and Ron LaBrecque, Obsessed: the stalking of Theresa Saldana, the murder attempt on Theresa Saldana is told with the help of the diaries of her stalker and his psychiatrist.

Kate Brennan, In His Sights: a true story of love and obsession, Kate’s memoir of leaving a troubled relationship, only to be stalked by her ex-boyfriend for the next ten years.

Name: Tori


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