One of the Money


Title: One for the Money
Genre: Mystery
Publication Date: 1994
Page Numbers: 320
Geographic Setting: Trenton, New Jersey
Time Period: Modern, c late 1990s
Series: Stephanie Plum Mysteries #1

Plot Summary:
Recently unemployed Stephanie Plum is down on her luck but her luck is about to change when she stops into her cousin’s bail bonding company. Enter Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter. If she can turn in bail jumper and murderer Joe Morelli, an ex cop from her past, she could become $10,000 richer. But it proves to be harder than it looks when Morelli slips out of her grip time and time again. But when she gains unwanted attention from crazed boxer Bentino Ramirez, she is no longer fighting just for the money; she is fighting for her life.

Subject Headings: women bounty hunters -Trenton, New Jersey; women detectives – Trenton, New Jersey; women bail bond agent-detectives; mystery stories, American; humorous stories, American.
Appeal: quirky, character centered, mystery series, series characters, action-oriented, strong secondary characters, romantic situations, quick paced, strong language, sexually explicit, humorous, eccentric characters, plot twists, urban, engaging

Similar Authors:
Sierra Lavotini mysteries by Nancy Bartholomew. Stripper/detective Sierra Lavotini solves crimes with the help of a quirky cast of characters. Features the same type of fast pace, action and snappy dialogue you’ve come to expect from the Plum series.

Bubbles Yablonsky mysteries by Sarah Strohmeyer. Fashionable Bubbles Yablonsky investigates crimes in the urban neighborhoods. Action packed and fast paced and don’t forget the smart-mouthed remarks.

Perfectly Plum: An Unauthorized Celebration of the Life, Loves and Other Disasters of Stephanie Plum, Trenton Bounty Hunter by Leah Wilson. A collection of essays on the life, loves, and crazy adventures of Stephanie Plum.

Non Fiction
Modern Bounty Hunting: A Real-Life Guide for the Bail Fugitive Recovery Agent by Rex Venator: Find out what it takes to be a modern bounty hunter. Full of textbook instruction and real lessons that show that even if you do everything right, things could go wrong.

The Huntress: The True Saga of Dottie and Brandi Thorson, Modern-Day Bounty Hunters
by Christopher Keane and Dottie Thorson. After the death of famed bounty hunter Ralph Thorson, his widow and daughter stove to take over the family business. Read as these two courageous women prevail in a profession of men and work their way to the top.

Bail Enforcer: The Advanced Bounty Hunter by Bob Burton: “America’s most successful bounty hunter reveals advanced details and tricks of hunting and capturing humans. Learn how to obtain an arrest contract, surveillance tips, what to wear during a bust, how to work with the police, hazards of the use of deadly force, how to avoid your own arrest, legal precedents of the trade and more.”

Michelle B.


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