Castle Waiting


Author: Linda Medley
Title: Castle Waiting

Genre: Graphic Novel
Publication Date: 2006
Number of pages: 457
Geographical Setting: Made up town of
Time period: Medieval
Series: n/a

Plot summary: The story begins with an adaptation of the classic Sleeping Beauty fairytale.  At the end of this prelude however, the price and princess leave their town and castle, and also the people that have lived their forever.  They leave the castle waiting for a new king that someday will arrive.  The story then turns to a girl named Jain.  She is forced to leave her home due to an abusive husband and is on her own to find a new place to live.  Jain is also pregnant!  Along the way she meets some familiar fairytale characters like the three little pigs, and also some new ones.  She arrives at the castle and meets many of the inhabitants, many are strange folk, but they all have many stories.  After her baby is born she starts to make herself at home.  She befriends a nun, Sister Peace, who lives at the castle, and she has a beard!  She shares her story of the Solicitine Nuns and all their hairy adventures.  Sister Peace tells of her friends and their times together.  In the mean time, all the inhabitants still are just waiting for something new to come along.

The artwork is in black-and-white.  The characters facial expressions are very detailed and speak more than the words.  It moves along quickly and is a great read for a first time graphic novel reader.

Subject headings: Graphic Novels, Fairytales, Fantasy

Appeal: adventurous, fantastical, romance, woman strength, girl power, exciting, fast-paced, magical, emotional, traditional, truthful, relatable, fun, light-hearted.

Similar works (fiction):

Romeo and Juliet by Richard Appignanesi-It is an adaptation of a familiar story; it also is in color, so a next step up for reading a graphic novel.

Age of Bronze: betrayal part one by Eric Shanower-Also draws from stories that many are familiar with, this one more with myths and medieval romances.

Runaways, vol. 1: pride & joy by Brian K. Vaughan-Story about friends that runaway and the strength of their friendship.  Similar to Sister Peace’s story in Castle Waiting.

Similar works (non-fiction):

American Widow by Alissa Torres; illustrated by Choi- depicts the struggles of a single woman after losing her husband in 9/11.  Relates to the strength of women.

Side Show: my life with geeks, freaks, and vagabonds in the carny trade by Howard Bone with Daniel Waladron-although not a graphic novel, it might interest the readers that were interested in Nessie’s story as the bearded lady in the circus.

Comics and graphic novels by Richard Spilsbury-accounts the principles of comics and graphic novels, how the artwork affects story and introduces mood.  Might be interesting for first time readers.

Name: Emily


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