Soul Mates Dissipate


Author: Mary B. Morrison

Title:  Soul Mates Dissipate

Genre:  Romance, African-American Fiction, Urban Lit

Publication Date: 2000

Pages: 234

Geographic Setting:  Oakland and San Francisco California

Time Period:  Present Day

Series: Soul Mates Dissipate

Plot Summary: Jada Diamond Tanner has it all; she is successful male model photographer who is engaged to her true soul mate, Wellington Jones.  As Jada and Wellington’s wedding date nears, Jada meets Wellington’s well-off family, and conniving mother Cynthia.  Determined to make sure Wellington marries the right type of woman Cynthia invites an old friend of Wellington’s, Melanie, to visit for a while.  Jada soon learns her soul mate may not be faithful, and finds herself challenging what she thought was destiny.

Subject Headings:  Love stories, African-American; African-American women; Soul mates; Triangles (Interpersonal relations); Men/women relations; Fiancés

Appeal: compelling, fast-paced, dramatic, evocative, recognizable, cinematic, complex, open-ended, plot-centered, plot twists, racy, rich and famous, sexually explicit, steamy, strong language, tragic, contemporary, urban, lush, candid, didactic, edgy, melodramatic, romantic, accessible, concise, conversational, natural, simple

Similar Authors and works (fiction): So You Call Yourself a Man by Carl Weber (plot twists, racy, melodramatic); Casting the First Stone by Kimberla Lawson Roby (dramatic, plot twists, fast-paced); The Other Women by Eric Jerome Dickey (dramatic, racy, plot twists)

Similar Authors and works (non-fiction): Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man by Steve Harvey (candid, accessible, conversational); Confessions of a Video Vixen by Karrine Steffans (candid, rich and famous, edgy), Have you Meet Miss Jones? By Tarsha Jones (steamy, contemporary, candid)

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