The Resort


Author: Bentley Little
Title: The Resort
Genre: Horror
Publication Date: 2004
Number of pages: 390
Geographical Setting: Rural Arizona
Time period: Contemporary
Series: n/a

Plot summary: When Lowell Thurman and his family book a week-long stay at the luxury Arizona resort, The Reata, all of them are looking forward to a leisurely, relaxing vacation. At first, everything seems perfect – a helpful staff, a beautiful suite, scores of fun activities, and, of course, the idyllic desert backdrop. Appearances are deceiving, however, and a bizarre incident on their first night sets the stage for ever more frightening and disturbing events as The Reata seemingly begins to take on a life of its own. The Reata’s guests know something is wrong, but are powerless against the mental stranglehold the resort holds over them. When Lowell’s children discover the mysterious ruins of another resort bearing the same name in the desert, they know that, somehow, this is an integral part of the puzzle. As the week wears on and they are subjected to a host of strange employees, gruesome deaths, and violent games, the Thurmans know that the dangerous climax cannot be far away. As The Reata plunges deeper into chaos, its up to the Thurmans to uncover the resort’s ugly secret in order to save themselves and their fellow guests, even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice.

Subject headings: Horror stories; Resorts; Family relationships; Arizona; Ghosts; Supernatural

Appeal: disturbing, suspenseful, paranormal, foreshadowing, rural, dark, graphic, sinister, multiple points of view, violent, altered reality, foreboding, contemporary, sexual, fast paced, intense, mysterious, atmospheric

Similar works (fiction): The Shining – Stephen King (isolated hotel setting, plot centers around a family, paranormal)
Psycho – Robert Bloch (fast paced, motel setting, murder)
Under-ground – Craig Spector (haunted/evil setting, graphic, battle of good and evil)

Similar works (non-fiction): Sleeping With Ghosts: A Ghost Hunter’s Guide to Arizona’s Haunted Hotels and Inns – Debe Branning (paranormal, Arizona setting, haunting)
Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places – Brad Steiger (stories of real life hauntings)
Encyclopedia of the Undead: A Field Guide to the Creatures that Cannot Rest in Peace – Bob Curran (ghosts, demons, supernatural occurrences)

Name: Suzanne


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