The Man Who Talks to Dogs


Author: Melinda Roth
Title: The Man Who Talks to Dogs
Genre: Non-fiction

Publication Date: 2002
Pages: 225
Geographic Setting: St. Louis Missouri
Time Period: Modern: 1990’s

Plot Summary:
Written in third person, this is a true story about Randy Grim, a man that lives in St. Louis Missouri, and his time spent rescuing dogs and starting his own animal shelter. It is a heartwarming story of the extremely sad cases that dogs will find themselves in, and one man’s determination to help them. From fighting dogs to stray dogs, Randy works hard to earn a dog’s trust so that he is able to have physical contact with them and take them to shelter for the care that they need. At times this book is very sad as it describes the lives of fighting dogs, their horrific training, the fights, and the indescribably cruel destruction or dismissal of a dog that no longer is a “good fighter.” There are details of the hardships that stray animals go through in order to survive. The determination, kindness, and will of Randy Grim is so powerful, that the reader will remember the good parts of the book as well as the bad. It is definitely an informative book in regards to dog fighting and life of the streets for animals. The reader will feel as though they also get to know the dogs and their personalities. The reader builds a relationship with the strays and roots for Randy to save them all. A book that opens your eyes.

Subject Headings: Dogs, Dog Rescue, Dog Shelters, Dog Fighting, Animal Shelters, Stray Dogs, Stray Animals, Bully Breeds, Randy Grim, Stray Rescue of Saint Louis, Dog and People relationships, Dog/Human bonds

Appeal Terms: informative, heartwarming, heart-wrenching, detailed, emotionally charged, tense, hopeful, truthful, leisurely paced, details of: dog fighting, dog shelters, dog rescue, stray dogs; moving, at times funny and insightful,.

Read A-likes

The dogs who found me; what I’ve learned from pets who were left behind, by Ken Foster: True story written by the author that tells of how he started adopting stray dogs and what they have meant in his own life. Relates to the story of a person reaching out to the lost souls of stray dogs and how much they can change your life.

Bandit; The Heart-Warming True Story of One Dog’s Rescue from Death Row, by Vicki Hearne: This is the story of one of the Michael Vick dogs that was rescued and saved. This would appeal to the people that felt for the dogs that were mentioned in regards to dog fighting. This is another hopeful story of the strength and hearts of dogs.

Best Friends: The True Story of the Worlds Most Beloved Animal Sanctuary, by Samantha Glen: An informative and hopeful book for all types of animal lovers. It is the story of an animal shelter that all animal lovers will fall in love with.


The Darkest Evening of the Year, by Dean Koontz: A thriller, however the main character starts a rescue for golden retrievers and the reader will relate to dog lovers and how much dogs love and protect the ones that they love.

Sirius: the dog star, published by DAW Books: Collection of 16 stories about dogs. A light hearted reminder of the dogs we love and refreshing lift from the truth about homeless dogs.

Buster’s diaries: a true story of a dog and his man, by Roy Hattersley: A story written from the dog’s point of view as he records his life in his diary. Another book that will please all dog lovers with humor.

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