Adrenaline Annotation – Adventure


Title: Snow Treasure

Author: McSwigan

Publication Date: 1942

Number of Pages: 196

Genre: Adventure

Geographic Setting: Norway

Time Period: 1940

Series: NA

Plot Summary:  Norwegians are used to winter especially since winter dominates their lives most of the year. But in the year 1940, snow continued to fall in unprecedented amounts even in April. People used their skis to travel long past the time when the thaw should have occurred. Children continued to sled. It was all anyone talked about, until something so terrifying loomed on the horizon, and then the topic of conversation changed. Some people insisted that the Arctic Circle was too high for the Germans to invade. Others argued that they must prepare and build air raid shelters. Most, along with the Lundstrom family who lived in a tiny village, were afraid that if the Germans did come, they would certainly steal the gold from the Bank of Norway. As predicted, the Nazis invaded. They parachuted into the village. Depending heavily on the children of the village and their sleds, the people of Norway devised a plan to hide their gold from the Nazis. This is a suspenseful story of courage, wits, and adventure that changed many lives.  And the question of whether this story is true or not has never been fully answered.

Subject Headings: World War II, 1939-1945 – Fiction; Norwegian Fiction

Appeal: Fast paced, suspenseful, action, adventure, dangerous, intense, military mission, unlikely character centered, interesting secondary characters, issue orientated, historic details, detailed setting.

Three terms that describe this book: Adventurous, unlikely heroes, fast paced.

Similar Authors and Works (fiction): Shub, Elizabeth – Cutlass in the Snow, a story of a ten year old boy and his grandfather, exploring Fire Island. They find a cutlass stuck in the snow and sand marking the hidden treasure with pirates lurking nearby.  This is also possibly based on a true story.

Paulson, Gary – Hatchet, a survival story of a 13 year old boy, stranded in the Canadian wilderness with only a hatchet.

Fleischman, Sid – By the Great Horn Spoon, a story of two unlikely partners, Praiseworthy, a butler, and Jack, a  twelve year old boy. After the family’s money is lost, they head to California to search for gold, fighting off villains and struggling to survive.

Similar Authors and Works (nonfiction): Kopka, Deborah L. – Norway, a book depicting the geography, lifestyle, people and a brief history.

Rinderle, Walter and Bernard Norling – The Nazi impact on a German Village – Although the village Oberscopfheim is located in Germany, not Norway, it was not happy to change to Nazi standards.

Bower, Tom – Nazi gold: the full story of the fifty-year Swiss-Nazi conspiracy to steal billions from Europe’s Jews and Holocaust survivors. Although this situation is different than what happened in Norway, this book explains banks and banking, and how the Nazis exploited the situation to obtain gold.

Name: Donna Mihovilovich

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