Valhalla Rising


Product Details

Author: Clive Cussler

Title: Valhalla Rising

Genre: Adventure

Publication Date: 2001

Number of pages: 544

Geographical setting: Many locations around the globe

Time Period: 20th century

Series: Dirk Pitt novels

Plot Summary: Dirk Pitt, Clive Cussler’s aging but still potent superhero, returns in the 16th adventure in this popular series about the director of special projects for the National Underwater Maritime Administration (NUMA). Pitt’s NUMA survey ship happens to be in the vicinity when the world’s newest and biggest cruise ship founders and sinks, giving Pitt the chance to stage the daring rescue of nearly 2,000 passengers. Among those who perish is a famous scientist whose revolutionary engines powered the ship to her watery grave; while Pitt is unable to save Dr. Egan, he rescues his beautiful daughter Kelly from the sea, and later from a murder attempt aboard the rescue vessel. Pitt and his trusty pal Al Giordino track the sinking to the boardroom door of a multinational conglomerate called Cerberus, whose evil CEO has designs on the world’s oil supply. He’ll do anything to keep Egan’s advanced engines and secret formula for frictionless oil off the market–even sabotage another vessel, this time a luxury passenger submarine. By the time our heroes have foiled the mastermind’s nefarious plots, they’ve also uncovered the existence of a working submarine nearly a century before one actually existed–irrefutable proof of a Viking landing on the Hudson River–and the remains of the British sailor who inspired Jules Verne’s Captain Nemo.

Subject Headings: National Underwater Marine Agency, Billionaires, International intrigue, Pitt, Dirk, Treasure Hunters, Cruise ships, Ship Wrecks—South Pacific Ocean, Underwater rescue operations, Sabatoge, Underwater archeology, Suspense stories, Adventure stories, Eco-fiction

Appeal: adventurous, suspenseful, action-packed, superhero like character, sabotage, sidekick, catastrophes, Viking mystery, cruise line disasters, kidnappings, assassinations, piracy, romance, enthralling, tantalizing, daring

3 terms that best describes this book: Action-packed, Underwater adventure, Overcoming obstacles

Similar Authors: Ian fleming, Jack B. Du Brul, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, Ted Bell, Matthew Reilly, James Rollins, David Baldacci, Brad Thor, Steve Berry

Three relevant fiction titles:

Riptide by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child-another action packed adventure in the recovery of pirated treasure.

Hawke by Ted Bell- this work of fiction combines many of the same elements used by Cussler. This is an action adventure that includes another modern day hero.

Takedown by Brad Thor- This is another action adventure following a hero type character.

Three relevant Non-fiction titles:

The Vikings (Lost Worlds) by J.M. Clements- This book illuminates every aspect of Viking history and culture, from their legends and lore to their journeys of exploration and their discovery of America five hundred years before Columbus. Given Cussler’s adventure intertwined some Viking history, this book could be very helpful.

Underwater archaeology: The NAS Guide to Principles and Practice by Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS)– This guide will help in understanding some of the underwater interactions experienced by Cussler’s characters.

The Mammoth Book of Storms, Shipwrecks and Sea Disasters: Over 70 First-Hand Accounts of Peril on the High Seas, from St. Paul’s Shipwreck to the Prestige Disaster by Richard Lawrence-This book will give graphic examples of shipwrecks, and help provide readers with insight to Dirk Pitt’s adventures.

By: Allison Robins


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