The Big Love


Author: Dunn, Sarah (read by Eliza Foss)

Title: The Big Love: a novel

Genre: Women’s lives & relationships/Audio Book

Publication Date: 2004

Number of Pages: 240 p. (Audio book version: 6 unabridged CDs)

Geographical Setting: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Time Period: present day (2000’s)

Series: (if applicable) N/A

Plot Summary:

Alison Hopkins is a journalist who is unexpectedly left by her live-in boyfriend, Tom. Alison works for a Philadelphia paper, writing a relationship advice column even though she has had one previous lover and is not at all experienced in love and romance. At first she is heartbroken, but after a while she uses her newfound, single life to gossip with friends, and engage in a series of relationship adventures, all while hoping Tom will come back to her. She jumps at the opportunity when her boss, Henry, expresses romantic interest in her which creates an exciting, romance-filled adventure. The narrator accurately expresses Alison’s restlessness and the thoughtful manner in which Alison muses on everything from her Evangelical Christian upbringing to men’s behavior all while maintaining the intended introspective and smart tone.

Subject Headings: Jilted women; single women; women columnists; Men/Women relationships; breaking up (interpersonal relations); office romance; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; humorous stories; Chick lit

Appeal: Introspective, smart, witty, humorous, relaxed, engaging, self-absorbing, arresting, dialogue-filled, contemporary, musing, restless, intelligent, thought-provoking, character-centered, reflective, detailed setting of Philadelphia, intimate, sophisticated, thoughtful

3 Terms that best describe this book:

Witty, introspective, smart

3 Relevant Non-Fiction works and authors:

John Spelman, Philadelphia & The Pennsylvania Dutch Country, a Lonely Planet travel guide to the Philadelphia area where The Big Love takes place.

Jan Goldberg, Careers in Journalism, is a guide to help those interested in pursuing a career in journalism.

Mira Kirshenbaum, Women & Love, is an owner manual for the heart. It discusses psychological aspects of man-woman relationships for the strong and smart woman.

3 Relevant Fiction works and authors:

Carole Matthews, With or Without You, is a compelling novel about a woman whose live-in boyfriend has left her and how she faces crossroads in her life while being newly single.

Andrea Semple, The Ex-Factor, a racy romp though Martha Seymore’s life as a newly single woman. She’s a self-assured, relationship-advice columnist who learns from past mistakes and rediscovers the joys of dating.

Lani Diane Rich, Ex and the Single Girl, is about Portia Fallon, who fears she’s attracted to commitment-phobic men, like the other women in her family. It’s a funny, predictable and sweet romp with quirky and likeable characters.

Name: Natalie Ochockyj


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