Graphic Novel


Title: 9-1-1 Artists Respond, Volume 1

Author: Dark Horse Comics

Publication Date: 2002

Number of Pages: 191

Genre: Graphic Novel

Geographic Setting: New York

Time Period: 2001

Series: 9-1-1 Artists Respond

Plot Summary: This nonfiction graphic novel is a collection of stories written about the 9-1-1 bombing and its aftermath. Many well known writers and artists contributed to this powerful book. Stories include the telling of this event and the artists’ responses to the terror, grief, and celebration of life felt by many people around the world. In addition, Frank Miller reflected on the power of faith, Jim Mahfood gave his personal view of the Arab-American experience, and Bryan Talbot wrote on the meaning of entertainment during this time. All creative talent, time, and materials were donated to create this book.  All proceeds have gone to organizations benefiting victims, family members and communities affected by the attacks.

Subject Headings: September 11 Terrorist Attacks; 2001 – Caricatures and cartoons

Appeal: powerful, complex, thought provoking, multiple viewpoints, profoundly moving, reflections of grief, political ramifications, life altering, personal outlooks, world wide consequences, vivid, difficult, celebratory.

Three Terms that Describe this Book: vivid, profoundly moving, difficult.

Similar Authors and Works (fiction) Actus – Dead Herring Comics, written by a group of artists based in Tel Aviv, is a collection of graphic short stories. Subjects in these stories include terrorism, nuclear espionage, and government conspiracies.

Horowitz, Anthony, adapted by Antony Johnston, illustrated by Kanako Damerum and Yuzuru Takasaki – Stormbreaker: The Graphic Novel is the story of orphan Alex Rider, who at age 14, witnessed his uncle’s murder, and subsequently discovered his uncle was a spy. Alex is coerced into continuing his uncle’s work in M16, Britain’s intelligence agency. This book was made into a movie in 2006.

Blackstone, Terri – Line of Duty is a Christian fiction story of a female lawyer trapped on a top floor in a building that was bombed. Her husband, Dan, is a firefighter who was trying to save her when more bombs exploded. Dan becomes a missing victim.

Similar Authors and Works (nonfiction) Jacobsen, Sid and Ernie Colon – The 9/11 report: a graphic adaptation is based on the final report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States. This is a factual account of the 9/11 events with most of the text coming from the report.

Chomsky, Noam – 9-11 is an award winning book. Chomsky theorizes about why 9-11 happened, possible future consequences and advocates against world wide violence. Spiegleman, Art – Maus: a survivor’s tale is a memoir of Spiegleman’s father’s account of the Holocaust. In addition, this book includes Spiegleman’s own response to what his father became after living through this tragedy.

Name: Donna Mihovilovich


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