Darkly Dreaming Dexter


Author: Jeff Lindsay

Title: Darkly Dreaming Dexter

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Number of Pages: 288 p.

Geographical Setting: Miami, Florida

Plot Summary: The first novel in a series, this is a compelling and humorous account of a blood-splatter expert/sociopathic serial killer named Dexter. Dexter is working for the Miami police and is on a case in which he could help his sister achieve her promotion by working with her to find the serial killer or he could find the killer himself. The language is deliberate and edgy, the reader is taken on a trip through Dexter’s head as he maintains his appearances as a normal lab technician. Meanwhile, the killer is attempting to make contact with him, but is that really the case or is Dexter himself committing these gruesome crimes and slowly losing his mind?

Subject Headings: Serial killers – Fiction, Miami, Florida, Psychopathic criminals – Fiction, Forensic scientists – Fiction, Crime scene investigators – Fiction

Appeal Terms: engrossing, deliberate, explicitly violent, investigative, issue-oriented, chilling, edgy, explicit language, humorous, macabre, twisted, foreboding

Three Words to Describe the Book: chilling, engrossing, humorous

Similar Author and Works:

The Disappearance of Lyndsey Barratt by John Wilson. A psychological thriller in which two individuals, a journalist and a detective, try to uncover the truth of an act of revenge being enacted on attackers of murder which happened seven years ago.

Plain Heathen Mischief by Martin Clark. The second novel in a series where ex-Reverend Joel King is released from prison and must deal with life as an ex-con. A twisted plot in which he has troubles with his wife, a lawsuit, and just keeping his life on track.

Loverboy by R.G. Belsky. The return of a serial killer who also brings back his love for reporter, Lucy Shannon. She must figure out his criminal plan in order or survive.

Relevant Non Fiction Works and Authors:

Killing For Sport: Inside the Minds of Serial Killers by Pat Brown. A profile into the minds of serial killers, explaining how to identify who they are, how the selection process of victims goes, and how to avoid and safeguard oneself against them.

Murdered Most Rare: The Female Serial Killer by Michael D. Kelleher and C.L. Kelleher. This work explains the difficulty of profiling female serial killers. The book also gives descriptions of seven main categories and details into infamous women serial killers.

Swift Justice: Murder and Vengeance in a California Town by Henry Farrell. This is the true story of a kidnapping and murder which occurred in San Jose. The young boy who was murdered was avenged by a group of mob vigilantes who attacked the town jail and hung the kidnappers, taking matters into their own hands.

Name: Marta Siuba


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