Author: Isaac Asimov

Title: Foundation

Genre: Science Fiction

Pages: 285

Pub. Date: 1951

Geogrpahical setting: Tantor, and other planets in the galactic empire

Plot summary: 5 short stories rolled into one.

Hari Seldon determines that the Galactic empire is coming to an end. In order to save of scientific knowledge, and shorten the coming “Dark Age”, he must create a galactic encyclopedia.

Subject headings: Life on other planets, fiction, science fiction

appeal terms: escape, future, multiple connected stories, imaginative,  detailed settings, space, revolt, knowledge.

three terms that best describe this book: Beginning, Depth, vivid.

Similar authors and works (fiction)

Dragondawns by Anne McCaffrey. In a world were dragons are small and kept as pets. A need arises to make them bigger to help defend this world.

In The days of the comet by H.G. Wells. A comet crashes into Earth and civilization is drastically changed.

2001: a Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke. When a strange obelisk appears on the moon and starts sending signals into space, astronauts are sent to investigate.

Similar authors and works (non-fiction)

A Brief history of time by Stephen Hawking. Dr. Hawking’s thoughts on black holes, space, and physics.

The Fabric of the cosmos by Brian Greene. What makes up our universe and a possible end to it.

Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan. His vision in the what the future in space is for humans.

name: Bill Thurston


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