Author: Zane

Title: Afterburn

Genre: African American Fiction

Publication Date: 2005

Number of Pages: 306 p.

Geographical Setting: Birmingham , Alabama and Washington D.C.

Time Period: present time

Plot Summary: The first in the series, it is a humorous and steamy novel about two people with less than success in the dating world. Written in exchanging points of view, from chapter to chapter, the lives of Yardley Brown and Rayne Waters slowly become intertwined. There are of course plentiful amounts of characters keeping the two apart; including family, friends, and a host of past lovers and love mistakes. Rayne is an investment banker who has an alcoholic mother who can’t seem to keep her life together and constantly relies on Rayne. She hasn’t exactly given Rayne the best relationship advice growing up. Yardley is a chiropractor who has friends that can’t seem to focus on anything but sex and women. Written with a candid tone, plenty goes wrong, but some things even end up going right.

Subject Headings: Romance – fiction, Men-women relationships – fiction, African American fiction, humorous stories – fiction, Dating – fiction, erotic fiction

Appeal: leisurely-paced, engaging, candid, character-centered, racy, strong language, open-ended, contemporary, steamy, closely observed characters, emotionally-charged, unrestrained

Three words that characterize the novel: emotionally charged, character-centered, unrestrained

Similar Authors and Works:

Soul Mates Dissipate by Mary B. Morrison. A dramatic romance with steamy scenes and a tangled relationship. Leads the reader to the second book in the series with an open-ended finish.

Between Lovers by Eric Jerome Dickey. The story of a man coping with his fiancée leaving him at the altar for another woman. When she returns he is unexpectedly caught in a love triangle.

Sweet Justice by Shirley Harrison. A romantic suspense story in which Aislyn St. Claire questions her upcoming engagement due to the groom’s brother’s newly discovered involvement with the murder of her best friend.

Relevant Non Fiction and Authors:

Lyrics of Sunshine and Shadow: The Tragic Courtship and Marriage of Paul Laurence Dunbar and Alice Ruth Moore : A History of Love and Violence Among the African American Elite by Eleanor Alexander. An examination of the chaotic and violent relationship between two literary figures in African American society.

Married to Africa: A Love Story by G. Pascal Zachary. The story of a foreign correspondent’s trip to Africa and his love affair with an African zoologist. Tell a story of love through an attraction of opposites and daily lives of Africans and Americans.

As I Am: Young African American Women in a Critical Age by Julian C.R. Okwu. The compliation of thirty six African American women telling their stories of love, prejudice, and triumph.

Name: Marta Siuba

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