Don’t Bargain With the Devil


Author: Sabrina Jeffries

Title: Don’t Bargain With the Devil

Genre: Romance

Publication Date: 2009

Page Number: 372

Geographical Setting: Richmond, Surrey, England and San Roque, Spain

Time Period: 1824

Series: The School for Heiress’s Series

Plot Summary: The future of Charlotte Harris’s finishing school is in jeopardy when a charming Spaniard — world-famous magician Diego Montalvo — arrives to turn the bordering estate into a scandalous pleasure garden. Valiantly ignoring his wicked flirtations, outspoken Lucinda Seton vows to derail his plans and save the school, unaware that Diego’s true mission is to spirit the long-lost heiress away to Spain for a handsome reward! But before long Diego’s heart is playing tricks on him, and Lucy is falling under the illusionist’s spell. How can the Master of Mystery go through with his devilish scheme when all he wants is to make the lovely heiress his own?

Subject Headings: Science writers fiction, Apparitions fiction, Cemeteries fiction, North Carolina fiction, Romantic fiction, Ghost stories

Appeal Terms: Easy, Relaxed, Quirky, Character-centered, Emotional, Historical Setting, Romantic, Conversational, witty, multiple points of view,  plot twists, upbeat.

Three terms that describe the book: Romantic, plot twists, fast paced.

Relevant Fiction:

Mary Balogh’s First Comes Marriage: First is a series; similar time period, involving an eligible Viscount Lyngate and widowed Vanessa Huxtable Dew.  In order to rescue her sister from a loveless union, she convinces the Viscount to marry her instead.

Julia Quinn’s Mr. Cavendish, I Presume:  Amelia Willoughby has been engaged to the Duke of Wyndham since birth and has been waiting for him.  Then suddenly, a long lost cousin has the potential to change both of their histories.

Jo Beverely’s The Secret Wedding: Before Carol Hill can move on with her life and remarry she must first confirm her first husband’s death.

Relevant Non-Fiction:

Northern Spain (An EYEWITNESS Travel Guide) By DK Piblishing

Surrey (Buildings of England By Ian Nairn, I. A. Nairn, Nikolaus Pevsner, and Bridget Cherry

English Pleasure Gardens By Rose Standish Nichols

Name: Elizabeth Towns-Law


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