Author: Peter Benchley

Title: Jaws

Genre: Horror-Fiction

Publication date: 1975

pages: 320

geographical setting: Amnity Island, an Island in New England, USA.

Time period: 1970’s

series: Jaws series

Plot summary: In a happy island community…..or at least how it appears, a shark shows up and starts killing people. Like a serial killer you can’t catch the shark becomes almost an obsession to the people. The police chief wants to close the beaches, the mayor keep them open, and a seedy shark hunter out for vengeance….Much more complex story lines than in the movie.

Subject headings: Sharks-Fiction, suspense, horror

appeal terms: sharks, political, social status, silent death, suspenseful, horrific, 1970’s America,marine,  intriguing, graphic,

three terms that best describe this book: Suspenseful, intrigue, graphic

Similar books (fiction):

Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton, genetically engineered Dinosaurs run amok on an island killing their creators.

Extinct by Charles Wilson, A series of unsolved disappearances associated with the ocean…sounds like Jaws, but this isn’t a normal shark.

Meg: A novel of deep terror by Stephen Alten, A prehistoric shark of huge proportions surfaces from the deepest parts of the ocean and it’s hungry and pregnant……

Similar works (non-fiction):

Shark life: True stories about Sharks and seas by Peter Benchley and Karen Wojtyla. true stories about sharks, human interaction and the sea. Written by the author of Jaws.

Encyclopedia of Sharks by Steve Parker. A reference manual that documents the multiple different shark species that humans know of.

Sharks by Dean Crawford. A work on the evolution of Sharks as the ultimate sea-borne killing machine and their place in the human mind.

Name: Bill Thurston


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