True Believer


Author: Sparks, Nicholas

Title: True Believer

Genre: Romance

Publication Date: 2005

Page Number: 322

Geographical Setting: New York City, Boone Creek, North Carolina

Time Period: Present day

Series: N/A

Plot Summary: A trip to Boone Creek, North Carolina to find out why lights are flashing in a cemetery doesn’t phase journalist Jeremy Marsh. In fact, the columnist for Scientific American sets out to spend a few days debunking the supposed haunted cemetery and travel back to New York to a life of fame, courtesy of interviews on news shows such as Primetime Live and Good Morning America. However, he is intrigued when he meets Boone Creek’s librarian Lexie Darnell and starts to think about her more than his assignment. As the days pass, Jeremy not only tries to find out more about the history of the cemetary and what could be causing the lights, but also how Lexie captivates him and how he can get closer to her. Not to mention he also has to put up with the town sheriff who has a crush on Lexie and the mayor who wants to use him as a publicity tool.

With sparse, choppy dialogue and succinct descriptions, Sparks spends more time examining the emotions behind the main characters rather than elaborating on the words they say or the surroundings the characters are in. He spends a handful of pages with two characters talking and then uses the same chunk of pages to elaborate on the feelings between them. Besides that, the vocabulary is simple, allowing the reader to breeze along the book at a fast pace, getting to the parts where Jeremy and Lexie contemplate their growing feelings towards each other. The tone never gets serious except when the main characters are together and the romance begins to bubble. Other than that, Sparks litters the book with liberal doses of jokes and verbose prose, making the book have a conversational feel that focuses more on the character development of Jeremy and Lexie. Though the ending seems rushed, Sparks is able to tie together a straight-forward love story and give the reader a simplistic, less complex book that can serve as a reprieve from older or more complex fiction.

Subject Headings: Science writers fiction, Apparitions fiction, Cemeteries fiction, North Carolina fiction, Romantic fiction, Ghost stories

Appeal Terms: Easy, Relaxed, Quirky, Character-centered, Gentle, Emotional, Contemporary, Small-Town, Romantic, Upbeat, Heartwarming, Conversational

Three terms that describe the book: Optimistic, Cheery and Comical

Relevant Fiction:

Boy Meets Girl – Meg Cabot (light hearted romance novel told through mostly AIM conversations and emails)

Danielle Steel – Second Chance (romance story about New York fashion magazine editor meeting future love interest)

James Patterson – Sundays at Tiffany’s (love story with a touch of supernatural elements)

Relevant Non-Fiction:

Coastal North Carolina:Its Enchanting Islands, Towns, Communities – Terrance Zepke (tour guide to cities in North Carolina)

The Truth Behind Ghosts, Mediums and Psychic Phenomena – Ron Rhodes (deals with questions regarding metaphysical things and those who claim to see them)

Ghosts in the Cemetery: A Pictorial Study – Stuart L. Schneider and Rebecca Benjamin (photographs examining ghosts in cemeteries)

Name: Matt Woronko


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