Ghetto Superstar


Author: Turner, Nikki

Title: Ghetto Superstar

Genre: African-American/Urban Lit

Publication Date: 2009

Number of Pages: 262 p.

Geographical Setting: Richmond, VA and New York City

Time Period: Present day

Series: (if applicable) n/a

Plot Summary: Ghetto Superstar, is the gritty and fast-paced story of Fabiola Mays and her rise to stardom. She was born to sing and be a star, but she routinely faces one heartbreaking setback after another which nearly derails her from achieving her dream of signing a recording deal. Years pass and Fabiola continues to play gigs and pursue her dreams with the help of her mother, Viola, and sister, Adora. When Casino, a long forgotten gangster, who has bailed the Mays family out in the past, is shot, Fabiola feels she must help the man who helped her family during their darkest days. Fabiola tries to climb the ladder to success in this hopeful novel all while trying to resist shady industry moguls and thugs from dark side of the ghetto.

Subject Headings:

African-American singers; music trade – corrupt practices; Gang members; Men/women relationships; Hip-hop culture; fame; success (concept); women singers; urban fiction


Fast-paced, vivid characters, detailed, plot-centered, sexually explicit, strong language, violence, contemporary, urban, gritty, hopeful, unembellished, conversational, direct

3 Terms that best describe this book: gritty, urban, gang-life

3 Relevant Non-Fiction works and authors

Rob Kenner & Rakia Clark (eds.), The Vibe Q: raw and uncut, is about hip-hop in the U.S. and the history of rap music and the hip-hop movement. It includes celebrity interviews, criticisms and discussion of pop culture in the U.S.

Sean Donahue (ed.), Gangs: stories of life and death from the streets, discusses how ethnic groups and immigrants have turned to gangs for protection and support when it was offered anywhere else. Gangs, featuring writings drawn from fiction, nonfiction and journalism, takes the reader on a tour of this underground world and urban version of the American frontier.

Tricia Rose, The hip hop wars: what we talk about when we talk about hip hop, is a thorough discussion of the social aspects of hip hop in the U.S., the social change in the U.S., African-American social conditions in the U.S. and how hip hop is reflective of black culture and at the same time how it harms progression of African-Americans.

3 Relevant Fiction works and authors

Y. Blak Moore, The apostles, is a gritty novel about Solemn Shawn Terson who is the leader of the Apostles and wants to give up gang life to settle down with his pregnant girlfriend.

Erica Kennedy, Bling, is story of Mimi Jean, a small-town girl from Toledo, Ohio, and how a music mogul, Lamont Jackson, is determined to turn her into a megastar. The novel is filled with a strong feel for character and the vivid hip-hop music industry.

K. Roland Williams, Cut throat, is the vicious and gritty story of Quincy who is close to fulfilling his dream of becoming a solo artist. His quest to stardom sets off a battle between a nightclub owner and drug lord who wants to keep Quincy at the club, and the club owner’s wife, who owns a record label and wants to sign Quincy to a deal.

Name: Natalie Ochockyj


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