Sweet Poison



Author: Ellen Hart

Title: Sweet Poison

Genre: Mystery, Gay/Lesbian

Publication Date: 2008

Number of Pages: 307

Geographical Setting: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Time Period: Present Day

Series: Jane Lawless

Plot Summary: Minneapolis restaurateur/amateur sleuth Jane Lawless begins her 16th mystery concerned about her father, Ray’s campaign for Minnesota governor. Corey Hodge, a recently paroled and grudge holding rapist her father unsuccessfully defended, has infiltrated the campaign as a volunteer. After Ray’s top volunteer, Charity, is discovered murdered, suspicions are divided between her hate crime committing ex-boyfriend and the Corey. To complicate matters, Jane’s ex-lover returns from Africa set on winning her back, despite the long distance relationship she is currently in with Kenzie. With the help of her best friend, Cordelia Thone, Jane investigates this politically intriguing case and running several restaurants, dealing with her father and navigating a rocky love life.

Subject Headings: Lawless, Jane (Fictitious character) Fiction, Women detectives, Minnesota Minneapolis Fiction, Governors Election Fiction, Political campaigns Fiction, Lesbians Fiction, Minneapolis (Minn.) Fiction, Political fiction, Mystery fiction.

Appeal Terms: Fast paced, colorful, engaging, intriguing, multiple points of view, series characters, details of Minneapolis, resolved ending, mystery, investigative, issue-orientated, dangerous, romantic, witty, thoughtful

3 terms that best describe this book: Intriguing, witty, investigative

Similar Authors and Works:

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