The Runner


Author: Christopher Reich

Title: The Runner

Genre: Historical fiction- world war two

publication date: 2001

pages: 512

geographical setting: Europe, Paris, France and Berlin, Germany

time period: shortly after World War Two

summary: World War Two has just ended, the victorious sides are struggling role of the post-war world, but underneath this political intrigue an ex-Nazi Olympic athlete, Erich Seyess, is completing one last mission, to turn the Western powers against Russia by assinating a prominent figure. But close in his trail is  New York lawyer Devlin Judge who’s tracking this man down for the Nuremberg trials, but also for the death of his Soldier brother. As he gets closer and closer to finding his man, he finds himself being hunted in return by Seyss and also being hindered along the way by various powers interested in affecting the outcome of power.

subject headings:  historical fiction-world war two, fiction

appeal terms: suspenseful, intriguing, engaging, historic, thriller, entertaining, fictional, engaging, justice, political, European, interesting

three things that describe this book: espionage, politics, hunter/hunted

relevant non-fiction:

Target: Patton by Robert K. Wilcox (conspiracy)

Justice at Nuremburg by Robert E. Conot (War Crimes trial)

Nazi Games by David Clay Large (Politics and Olympics)

relevant fiction:

The spies of Warsaw by Alan Furst (espionage)

The Plot against america by Philip Roth (Alternate history)

The Steel Wave by Jeff Sharra (world war two)

name: Bill Thurston


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