The Face of Deception


Title: The Face of Deception

Author: Iris Johansen

Publication Date: 1998

Number of Pages: 354

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Geographical Setting: Georgia

Time Period: Present Day

Series: Eve Duncan novels, Bk. 1

Plot Summary: Eve Duncan is living every parent’s worst nightmare. Ten years ago her only child, Bonnie, was murdered at the age of seven and her body has never been recovered. Since then, Eve has spent her life reconstructing the skulls of unidentified murdered children hoping to do for those children what she could never do for her own, bring them home. Mysterious millionaire John Logan approaches Eve with a request to reconstruct and identify the skull of an adult male who he believes was the victim of a murder. Against her better judgment and against the advice of her close friend, detective Joe Quinn, Eve agrees to Logan’s request and with that she and all those associated with her are thrust into a world of danger and political intrigue that reaches all the way to the White House. Multiple plot twists keep the reader guessing as to the real identity of the skull and once Eve has finished her reconstruction, no one in this tension-filled story is safe from the relentless pursuit of those who will stop at nothing to keep the identity of the skull a secret. All through this action-packed story, Eve struggles to stay strong and focused as she fights unscrupulous individuals while trying hard to ignore her growing attraction to Logan.

Subject Headings: Women forensic sculptors; Facial reconstruction (Anthropology); Billionaires — Virginia; Forensic anthropology; Murder victims; Virginia; Suspense stories, American.

Appeal: fast-paced, relentless, danger, strong resourceful heroine, mysterious hero figures, series, action-oriented, multiple plot twists, political conspiracies, resolved ending, paranormal situations, edgy, uneasy, suspenseful, subtle romantic undertones, direct language

Three terms that best describe this book: Suspenseful, Romance, Political Conspiracies

Relevant Fiction Works and Authors:

Night Sins by Tami Hoag – Female field agent with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and the town sheriff find themselves increasingly drawn to each other as they join forces to solve the case of a local boy who has been abducted by a town member. (Action-packed, suspenseful, strong heroine, romantic relationship between characters).

Stealing Shadows by Kay Hooper – Cassie Neil, a psychic with a gift which enables her to see into the minds of serial killers, comes to the aid of a small town judge and finds herself pursued by the killer even as romance heats up between her and the judge. (Edgy, suspenseful, strong heroine, romantic relationship between characters, paranormal situations).

The Surgeon by Tess Gerritsen – A female heart surgeon who survived the attack of a sadistic serial killer two years ago discovers that she is again a target so she works with detectives to capture the killer before he can kill her. (Strong female protagonist, danger, suspense, romantic interest).

Relevant Non-fiction Works and Authors:

Forensic Facial Reconstruction by Caroline Wilkinson – Detailed description of facial reconstruction from skeletal remains includes a discussion of the challenges of reconstructing children’s faces. The book explains how facial reconstruction is used to identify remains.

The Bone Lady: Life as a Forensic Anthropologist by Mary H. Manheim – Collection of stories that are entertaining as well as educational told by a leading forensic anthropologist.

Conspiracies and CoverUps by David Alexander – Presents the facts and the fiction of many of the twentieth- century’s most controversial conspiracy theories.

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