The Hunt for Red October



Author: Tom Clancy
The Hunt for Red October
Publication Date:
Number of Pages:
Geographical Setting:
Russia, United States, England, the Atlantic Ocean
Time Period:
Jack Ryan novels

Plot Summary: Marko Ramius, a Soviet submarine commander, takes his submarine and crew on a dangerous mission attempting to defect to the United States.  When the Soviet Navy realizes what has happened, they attempt to recapture the sub, named the Red October. Jack Ryan, a CIA agent working in England, is called in by the US Navy to help them facilitate Ramius’ defection, and to get a hold of Red October, which is a missile sub with brand-new technology that makes it virtually silent in the water and almost impossible to detect.  Ramius was the principal designer of the Red October, and one of the Soviet Union’s best submarine commanders.  Will the Soviets get to him first, or will the Americans be able to acquire the sub?  It’s a race against time between these two Cold War nations in this technology-based thriller.

Subject Headings: United States. Navy, CIA, Submarines, Soviet, Nuclear submarines, Spies, Ryan, Jack, Atlantic Ocean, Sea stories, American, Techno-thrillers

Appeal: compelling, fast-paced, dramatic, engaging, multiple points of view, vivid, action-oriented, conclusive, detailed setting, details of naval ships and submarines, political, edgy, suspenseful, accessible, some technical jargon

Three terms that best describe this book: Action-packed, thrilling, suspenseful

Similar Authors and Works (Fiction): Flight of the Intruder by Dean Coonts (adventure, technical details)

Warrior Class by Dale Brown (military basis, techno-thriller, strong political stance)

Black Storm by David Poyer (military tech. details, action/adventure, series characters)

Similar Authors and Works (Nonfiction): The Last Sentry: The True Story that inspired The Hunt for Red October by Gregory D. Young and Nate Braden (true action/adventure, basis for novel)

Red Star Rogue: The untold story of a Soviet submarine’s nuclear strike attempt on the U.S. by Kenneth Sewell (similar submarines, machinery, nations involved)

Stalking the Red Bear: The true story of a U.S. Cold War submarine’s covert operations against the Soviet Union by Peter Sasgen (similar submarines, told from US point of view)

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