Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life



Author: Bryan Lee O’Malley
Scott Pilgrim Vol. 1: Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life
Publication Date:
Number of Pages:
Graphic Novel, Manga, Fantasy
Geographical Setting: an unnamed town in Canada
Time Period:
not stated, seems to be the present
Scott Pilgrim graphic novels

Plot Summary: Scott Pilgrim is 23 years old, plays bass in a band called Sex Bob-Omb and has a 17-year-old Chinese girlfriend, Knives Chau. His life is band practice and time spent with Knives, since he is blissfully unemployed, and depends on his gay roommate, Wallace, to provide most of his support.  Things don’t stay simple, however, when Scott starts having dreams about Ramona Flowers, a mysterious, legally-aged hipster on Rollerblades who delivers books for This story of young slackers in love is then transformed into a wildly magical manga–kung fu fantasy adventure. Near the end of Volume 1, we meet the first of Ramona’s seven evil ex-boyfriends, Matthew Patel, who challenges Scott to a supernatural martial arts duel.  It has great manga-influenced drawing and a plot that manages to capture all the intricacies of young love, while still being absolutely hilarious.

Subject Headings: Twenty-three-year-old men — Comic books, strips, etc

Young men — Canada — Comic books, strips, etc

Bass players — Comic books, strips, etc

Musicians — Comic books, strips, etc

Unemployed workers — Comic books, strips, etc

Bands (Music) — Comic books, strips, etc

Triangles (Interpersonal relations) — Comic books, strips, etc

Young women — Comic books, strips, etc

Ex-boyfriends — Comic books, strips, etc

Martial arts — Comic books, strips, etc

Love — Comic books, strips, etc

Men/women relations — Comic books, strips, etc


Alternative comic books, strips, etc.

Graphic novels

Comic books, strips, etc.

Love stories

Coming-of-age stories

Appeal: breakneck, engrossing, intriguing, series characters, layered, episodic, mystical, contemporary, detailed setting, urban, emotionally-charged, sarcastic, romantic, magical, humorous, accessible, frank, natural

Three terms that best describe this book: mystical, romantic, hilarious

Similar Authors and Works (Fiction): Buddy Does Seattle by Peter Baage (satiric take on rock scene, young adult slackers, romance elements)

David Boring by Daniel Clowes (male protagonist pursues object of affection, similar plot)

Y the Last Man series by Brian K. Vaughn (male young adult protagonist, humorous, slight romance)

Similar Authors and Works (Nonfiction): Family Bones by Shawn Granger (true crime graphic novel)

Gettysburg: The Graphic Novel by C.M. Butzer (true events told in graphic novel form)

Write Your Own Graphic Novel by Natalie M. Rosinsky (how to write a book like Scott Pilgrim yourself)

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