Hot Tamara


Author: Mary Castillo

Title: Hot Tamara

Genre: Latina, Romance

Publication Date: 2005

Number of Pages: 246

Geographical Setting: California

Time Period: Present Day

Series: There is a companion book entitled In Between Men

Plot Summary: From the outside it looks like Tamara has the perfect life: loving parents, perfect boyfriend, and a teaching job, but in reality Tamara is miserable. She feels like her parents are dictating her life, she doesn’t love her boyfriend anymore, and she hates her job. She surprises everyone by moving to L.A. and working in an art gallery in an attempt to get into a master’s program in museum studies, and hoping to open her own art gallery someday. While there she runs into Will, a high school classmate that she’s always had the hots for. He’s a firefighter by day and artist by night and Tamara is head over heels, but she doesn’t know how to balance her career dreams with the love of her life.

Subject Headings: Mexican American women –Fiction. Art galleries, Commercial –Employees –Fiction. Mexican American artists –Fiction. Women immigrants –Fiction. Fire fighters –Fiction. First loves –Fiction. Los Angeles (Calif.) –Fiction.

Appeal: easy, eccentric characters, engaging, quirky, character-centered, domestic, family-centered, resolved ending, sexually explicit, steamy, contemporary, urban, humorous, lighthearted, optimistic, playful, romantic, unaffected, upbeat, chatty, passionate

3 terms that best describe this book: romantic, eccentric characters, steamy

3 Relevant Fiction Titles

Dirty Girls Social Club by Alisa Valdez-Rodriguez – Six friends meet every six months to catch up (funny examination of Latina women and their love lives)

Engaging Men by Lynda Curnyn –Angie is convinced she is the warm up girlfriend as her last three exs have gotten married to their next girlfriend. (Another look at career ambitions and boyfriends)

Imaginary Man by Anjali Banerjee— Matchmaker Lina makes up a boyfriend to please her parents, but finds herself falling for the guy she based the boyfriend on (an Indian take on dealing with family and relationships)

3 Relevant Non-Fiction Titles

Wonder Woman: the Life and Times of the Amazon Princess by Les Daniels – Everything you could ever want to know about this iconic superhero (Tamara constantly wonders what Wonder Woman would do in her situation)

Latino Arts and Their Influence on the United States by Rory Makosz – explains how Latino artists have influenced U.S. pop culture (For those interested in reading more about Latino artists)

Scandals, Vandals, and DaVincis: a Gallery of Remarkable Art Tales by Harvey Rachlin – tells the back story on many famous pieces of art (For those interested in galleries and art)

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