Blood Memory


Author: Greg Iles

Title: Blood Memory

Genre: Adrenaline, Suspense

Publication Date: 2005

Number of Pages: 800

Geographical Setting: New Orleans and Mississippi

Time Period: Present

Plot Summary: Pregnant by her married lover, three days sober and in the middle of solving a case of vigilante serial murders; stressed doesn’t even begin to describe Catherine Ferry. When the crime scenes start triggering panic attacks and terrifying images of a part of her childhood she never knew existed she begins to explore her past with the help of her lover, one of the main suspects, and her family members who want to keep their secrets buried.  These repressed memories make her question everything she ever knew about her father’s passing, her family and connect her to the serial killings in a way she never thought possible.

Subject Headings: Forensic science, serial murders, Deep South, molestation, repressed memories, Vietnam, child abuse

Appeal: Tense, fast-paced, Deep South, investigative, layered, graphic, character centered, plot twists, resolved ending, sexually explicit

Three terms that best describe the book: Haunting, suspenseful, vivid

Similar authors and works:


Exploring the controversy around childhood memories versus “false memories” Lenore Terr uses true stories to explore the issues and the science behind repressed memories in Unchained Memories: True Stories of Traumatic Memories Lost and Found.

Wendy Becker uses case studies in Crime Scene: How Forensic Science Works to take the reader into the mind of a forensic scientist from the moment they walk into a crime scene until the case is solved.

Hannah Rosen explores suffrage, racial tensions, and equality through testimonies of what life was like in postemancipation United States in Terror in the Heart of Freedom: Citizenship, Sexual Violence, and the Meaning of Race in the Postemancipation South.


In Dead Sleep Greg Iles brings back Detective John Kaiser to help Jordan Glass solve the disappearance of her sister that is somehow connected to a series of paintings known as “The Sleeping Woman.”

The Lesson of Her Death: A Novel of Suspense by Jeffery Deaver throws Lt. Bill Corde into solving the murder of a coed. It soon takes a turn exploring sexual obsessions in academia as well as his own family.

Terry McCaleb just received a heart transplant. The donor? A victim in a string of serial killings. When her sister comes to McCaleb asking for help can he turn away? Michael Connelly connects his main character to the murder in unimaginable ways in Blood Work.

Name: Michael Ann

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