The Lost Duke of Wyndham


Lost Duke of Wyndham - book cover

Author: Julia Quinn

Title: The Lost Duke of Wyndham

Genre: Historical Romance

Publication Date: 2008

Number of Pages: 371

Geographical Setting: England

Time Period: Regency (1760-1820)

Series (If applicable): Two Dukes of Wyndham

Plot Summary: Grace Eversleigh’s parents died when she was a teenager, and the dowager Duchess of Wyndham took her in as her companion. Despite her initial act of charity, the duchess is often a cold and demanding employer. One night as the two women are traveling, a smooth-talking highwayman robs their carriage. Both women are shaken, not only by the robbery, but also by the highwayman himself. Grace feels an inexplicable attraction to him, and the duchess is positive that he is a newfound grandson. If so, he is the true Duke of Wyndham. The highwayman, Jack Audley, does not want the responsibility of being a duke, especially if it means he cannot be with a commoner like Grace. They share a sense of humor and a chemistry that builds, despite fears that their positions might keep them apart.

Subject Headings: Dukes/Duchesses, Regency Romance, Historical Romance, Sexuality, Heirs and Heiresses

Appeal: compelling, multiple points of view, series characters, well-drawn, complex, flashbacks, racy, sexually explicit, steamy, historical details, introspective, romantic, smart, witty.

3 terms that best describe this book: well-drawn characters, steamy, witty

3 Relevant Non-Fiction Works and Authors

An Elegant Madness: High Society in Regency England by Venetia Murray: A social history of Regency England, which may be interesting to those who like the nobility and historical aspects of this novel.

Everyday Life in Regency and Victorian England by Kristine Hughes: For those interested in the lives of the common people during this time period, this book includes excerpts from diaries and letters, timelines and illustrations.

Boucher by David Wakefield: The character, Jack, is fond of art, and a painting by Boucher plays a notable role in Quinn’s novel. Readers wanting to know more about his work might be interested in this book about the artist.

3 Relevant Fiction Works and Authors

Kiss the Bride by Patricia Cabot: a historical romance that takes place in the U.K. (Scotland). The story also involves issues of inheritance and marriage.

The Paid Companion by Amanda Quick: A regency romance with elements of humor and suspense.

The Abduction of Julia by Karen Hawkins: Regency romance with series characters that are well developed.

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