True Betrayals


Author: Nora Roberts

Title: True Betrayals

Genre: Romance / Suspense

Publication Date: 2005

Number of Pages: 400

Geographical Setting: Washington DC, Virginia, Southeastern states

Time Period: Present time

Series: Not part of a series

Plot Summary: Kelsey Byden lived the past 26 years surrounded by privilege, the arts, a wonderful education…everything a WASP could dream of. All of that comes to a halt when she receives a letter from her mother, her mother who died 23 years before, or so she thought. Kelsey decides to get to know this lost parent and moves to her horse farm. There she must face truths about the past – her own and her family’s. Enamoured with a new love of horses, her mother and a pushy (but sexy) neighbor Kelsey must fight to defend that when someone wants to bring that all down at any cost.

Subject Headings: Romance, Southern United States, Intrigue, Secrets, Horse Racing

Appeal: Love and romance, humor, mysterious, flashbacks, calculated, page turner, introspective, coming of age

3 terms that best describe this book: Insightful, passionate, gripping

Similar Authors and Works:

3 Relevant Non-Fiction Works and Authors

1. The Home Run Horse: Inside America’s Billion-Dollar Racehorse Industry and the High-Stakes Dreams that Fuel It by Glenye Cain  (Cain takes the reader from the winner’s circle to the stall, detailing what goes into horse racing and how it came to be the staple that it is; horse racing, true stories, humor, history)

2. Making Peace With Your Mom: Steps to a Healthier Mother-Daughter Relationship by H. Norman Wright (Wright helps readers come to terms with their mothers mistakes and rewrite their future relationship; self realization, mother-daughter relationships, making peace with the past)

3. Beyond the Homestretch: What I’ve Learned from Saving Racehorses by Lynn Reardon (Reardon writes about how adopting and rehabilitating horses changed her life and goals; horse racing, true stories, introspective, self realization)

3 Relevant Fiction Works and Authors

1. Showdown by Tilly Bagshawe (Bobby Cameron takes a job training horses in England and must battle Milly every day to see who is the real trainer; love, humor, horse racing, family relationships)

2. The Chesapeake Diaries: Coming Home by Mariah Stewart (Grady and Vanessa help each other battle inner demons and uncover mysteries of the past; surprise love, determined woman, self-discovery, love, mystery)

3. Family Secrets: A Novel by Judith Henry Wall (Follow three sisters as the uncover the mysterious death of their grandmother and try to save their mother and their lives; love, mystery, family relationships, self-discovery)

Name:  Michael Ann

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