Sweet Spot


Author: Susan Mallery

Title: Sweet Spot

Genre: Romance

Publication date: 2008

Number of pages: 376

Geographical setting: Seattle Area

Time period: Modern Time

Series, Volume: Bakery Sisters, 2

Plot summary: Ever-responsible Nicole Keyes, is not experiencing the best part of her life. Separated and soon to be divorced, a pending lawsuit with her youngest sister (the same sister Nicole caught with her husband) and a recently surgically repaired knee are combining to make Nicole miserable. That is until Eric “Hawk” Hawkins enters the picture. Hawk is a former NFL player and now the high school coach has a sizzling chemistry with Nicole that neither can deny, no matter how hard Nicole tries. Can Nicole look past her troubles and responsibilities to find true love?

Subject headings: Bakeries, Family businesses, Sisters, Former professional football players, High school football coaches, Men/women relations, Divorced women, Keyes family, Contemporary romances

Appeal: relaxed, series (Bakery Sisters), well developed characters, layered, small town, passionate, dramatic, lifelike, steamy, contemporary

Three terms that best describe the book: Impassioned, Witty, and Emotionally Charged

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Tags: emotionally charged, well developed characters, witty, passionate, series, layered, relaxed, passionate, dramatic, lifelike, steamy, contemporary, impassioned


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