Batman: the Long Halloween


Author: Jeph Loeb

Title: Batman: the Long Halloween

Genre: Graphic Novel

Publication date: 1998

Number of pages: 369

Geographical setting: Gotham City

Time period: Modern day

Series: Batman

Plot summary: When a mysterious killer begins murdering people on national holidays, Batman finds himself in a race against time to find out who’s behind it all.  The victims are all connected to Carmine Falcone, Gotham City’s most powerful crime lord.  The novel also highlights the transformation of Harvey Dent from honest District Attorney to psychotic villain Two-Face.

Subject headings: Batman, graphic novel, crime, superheroes, murder, mystery, DC Comics, noir, holidays

Appeal: character-centered, cinematic, compelling, conversational, dark, dramatic, engaging, fast-paced, investigative, plot twists, political, psychological, suspenseful, tragic, violent

3 terms that best describe this book: Edgy, captivating, dark

Similar works:


Batman and Philosophy: the Dark Knight of the Soul by Mark D. White- White delves deep into the world of Batman and discusses the philosophical undercurrents found within.

Becoming Batman: the Possibility of a Superhero by Dr. E. Paul Zehr- What does it take to be a superhero in real life?  Dr. Zehr presents an in-depth study of human physiology and analyzes the possibility that a millionaire could transform himself or herself into a crime-fighter.

The Essential Batman Encyclopedia by Robert Greenberger- This is a collection of entries written about different characters and items from the Batman comics, TV shows, and movies.  Greenberger provides readers with every piece of information they could ever want to know about Batman in 500 pages.


Batman: Year One by Frank Miller- This is the story of how Batman came to be.  Miller reveals the events that lead Bruce Wayne to become a masked vigilante.

Batman: the Killing Joke by Alan Moore- In an attempt to prove that madness isn’t beneath anyone, the Joker shoots Barbara Gordon in the spine and kidnaps and torments Commissioner Gordon.

Batman: Dark Victory by Jeph Loeb- This serves as a sequel to The Long Halloween. After Harvey Dent’s transformation into Two-Face, Gotham City gets a new District Attorney who wants to clean up the streets of Gotham.  But her plans get placed on how when a new killer, dubbed “the Hangman” begins hanging people in the police department.

Name: Shannon Duffy


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