Love is Higher Law


Author: David Levithan

Title:  Love is the Higher Law

Genre: Fiction, GLBTQ

Publication Date:  2009

Number of Pages:  167

Geographical Setting: NYC

Time Period:  2001-2003

Series:  N/A

Plot Summary:  Claire and Peter are seniors at the same high school.  Jasper is a college student staying with his parents before school starts again.  All three are living in New York on September 11, 2001.  Each of them has a different reaction to the World Trade Center attacks.  Claire spends every night at Ground Zero mourning the people who lost their lives.  Peter finds comfort in music.  Jasper feels detached from it all.  The three become friends after Peter and Jasper have an incredibly awkward first date and Claire meets Jasper by chance at Ground Zero.  They help each other move past the tragedy they’ve experienced and into a new chapter of their lives.

Subject Headings:  September 11th 2001, teenagers, homosexuality, interpersonal relations, multiple narrators, realistic fiction

Appeal: Character-centered, cinematic, contemporary, conversational, detailed setting, historical details, multiple points of view, inspiring, urban, witty, tragic, romance

3 terms that best describe this book: Inspiring, historic, fast-paced

Similar Authors and Works:


Love You, Mean It: a True Story of Love, Loss, and Friendship by Patricia Carrington- The events of September 11th brought together four women, all of whom lost their husbands in the attacks.  Carrington outlines how their bond helped them cope with the loss of their loved ones and find hope to move on.

September 11, 2001: Attack on New York City by Wilborn Hampton- A collection of stories about New York City residents emotional reactions to the World Trade Center attacks including two people who were inside when the first plane hit.

The 9-11 Report: a Graphic Adaptation by Sidney Jacobson- The 9-11 Commission’s findings illustrated as a graphic novel.


Boy Girl Boy by Ron Koertge- Three teenagers- Elliot, Teresa, and Larry- are approaching graduation and plan to run away to California together.  As graduation day nears, each of them begin to question who they are.  Elliot feels his friends are overshadowing him.  Teresa wants a romantic relationship with one of them but can’t decide whom.  Larry is admitting to himself that he’s gay but doesn’t know how to tell his friends.

Keesha’s House by Helen Frost- Frost tells the story of seven teenagers through a series of monologues.  Each of the teens have left home for different reasons ranging from pregnancy to homosexuality.

Windows on the World by Federic Beigbeder- One narrative tells the story of a father who follows through on his promise to take his sons to Windows on the World, the restaurant on the top of the World Trade Center, on September 11th.  Another narrative is written through the eyes of a Frenchman in 2003 looking back on the attacks.

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