Man Of Fate



Author: Rochelle Alers

Title: Man of Fate

Genre: Romance

Publication date: 2009

Number of pages: 299

Geographical setting: Harlem, New York City

Time period: Modern Time

Series: The Best Men Series

Plot summary: Man of Fate is the first book in the Best Men series by Rochelle Alers. Three African-American bachelors are highly successful in their careers, but their love lives are lacking. Lifelong friends Kyle, Ivan, and Duncan are co-owners of a Harlem brownstone. Kyle Chandler is an attorney for a powerful corporation. His life is changed forever when he is rear-ended by Ava Warrick. Ava and Kyle become friends enjoying each others company, when they start to realize that there is more there then friendship. Given that Ava has had much luck in the way of love, will the confirmed bachelor Kyle be able to convince the untrusting Ava that he is ready to commit?

Subject headings: African-American lawyers, Mate selection for men, Friendship, African-American men/women relations — Harlem, New York City, Traffic accidents, African-American social workers, Trust, Soul mates, African-American men, Harlem, New York City, Contemporary romances, African-American fiction — 21st century

Appeal: compelling, fast-paced, relaxed, engaging, details of Harlem, contemporary, character-centered, intimate, passionate, playful, comfortable, layered

Three terms that best describe the book: Passionate, Character-Centered, and Engaging

Similar authors and works:
Niobia Bryant’s Admission of Love. Set in South Carolina, Chloe Bolton is a shallow supermodel, who falls for Devon Jamison, a man trying to get over an unhealthy relationship. If readers liked Man of Fate they will probably like Bryant’s work as well. They are both African American romances that are part of a series.
Michelle Monkou’s Finders Keepers. Nicole Montgomery has a new lease on life after surviving a battle with cancer. She opens a bed and breakfast and is challenged by a hospitality critic, Brad Calverton. Fans of Man of Fate will like the complicated characters presented by Finders Keepers, as the book contains complex life questions, including love.
Gwyneth Bolton’s Sizzling Seduction, Aisha Miller has about given up on men until she is rescued by firefighter Patrick Hightower. Will Patrick be able to prove to Aisha that he is able be trusted. More of a “traditional” romance, Man of Fate fans will probably appreciate Sizzling Seductions fast pace and passion.

Derrick S. Hyra’s The New Urban Renewal. The Economic Transformation of Bronzeville and Harlem. Hyra’s book takes a look at the Harlem setting that is featured in Man of Fate. He discussed how the poor neighborhood had an economic transformation into prosperity. Economic Transformation helps show how economic prosperity can affect those who are not part of the good times.
Heiner Stertkamp’s Jaguar: the Complete Story. The story in Man of Fate really starts when Kyle’s beloved Jaguar is rear ended by Ava. Stertkamp covers the history of the Jaguar and offers several illustrations. He also goes into detail to what makes the Jaguar such a sought after car, discussing the mechanics of the car and its exterior.
Carol Boston Weatherford’s Great African American Lawyers: Raising the Bar of Freedom. Weatherford covers great African American lawyers in short biography narratives. Thurgood Marshall, Barbara Jordan, and several others lives are covered in the books. Man of Fate readers might be interested in African American lawyers after reading the book.


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