Push: A Novel


Author: Sapphire

Title: Push: A Novel

Genre: Urban

Publication date: 1996

Number of pages: 140

Geographical setting: Harlem, New York City

Time period: 1980s

Plot summary: Obese, failed student, physically and sexually abused, pregnant with second child, and 16 years old. A nightmare life, but this is Claireece Precious Jones’ life. Precious is still in junior high and struggling with a father who has raped her and fathered her two children and a mother who yells at her, beats her, and sexually abuses her. All seems lost for Precious, another victim of the ghettos of New York until she meets Blue Rain, an energetic, determined young teacher who has radical ideas about how to educate troubled youth. Precious finds a mentor in Ms. Rain and friends in her class. And she might just find her lost life and a lasting purpose.

Subject headings: Urban fiction — 20th century; Single African-American mothers; Child abuse victims — New York City

Appeal: compelling; dramatic; evocative; vivid; cinematic; violent, raw, sexually explicit; dark; jargon; lyrical; frank

3 terms that best describe this book: arresting; poetic; emotional

Similar works:


Sugar: A Novel by Bernice L. McFadden | Raised by prostitutes and turning tricks herself from the age of twelve, Sugar Lacey has a reputation and a past from which no redemption is possible. When she moves into a new town, the local women rise against her. All except her neighbor, Pearl, who gives Sugar a chance at creating a future for herself.

The Color Purple by Alice Walker | Celie, a poor black woman in the South in the 1920-50s is raped by her father, and then married off to an abusive husband and seperated from her sister. Through her letters to her lost sister, Celie tells her story of her rise from marrital oppression to independence.

The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck | Okie farmers are forced by the Depression and drought to abandon their homes and migrate to California to be fruitpickers. Despite crushing poverty and oppression by landowners, they struggle to create new lives and a future.


Women’s Ways Of Knowing: The Development Of Self, Voice, And Mind 10th Anniversary Edition by Mary Belenky | Interviewing over 100 women, Belenky investigates the development of knowledge in women. The book defines five categories of how women you what they know.

Dreams from my Father by Barack Obama | Born of a Kenyan father and American white mother, and raised by his white grandparents in Hawaii, Obama struggles to find his identity and a lasting purpose.

Black, White, and Jewish by Rebecca Walker | Through difficult friendships, drug problems, and mixed race parents, a woman works toward finding an identity and future.

Name: Jason J. Lamb


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