Cold Mountain

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Author: Frazier, Charles

Title: Cold Mountain: A Novel

Genre: Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, Romance

Publication Date: 1997

Number of Pages: 449

Geographical Setting: Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina

Time Period: Near the end of the Civil War

Series: No

Plot Summary: After surviving a near fatal wound at the Battle of Petersburg, Inman, a Confederate soldier, decides to trek back to the land of his boyhood, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and Ada, the woman he loved before he went off to war.  Along the way, he meets various slaves, gypsies, war widows, bounty hunters, and other characters who might help or imperil his dream of reuniting with Ada.  Ada. in turn, must learn to work her father’s neglected, rural farm;  a daunting task considering her upbringing in the refined circles of Charleston society.

Subject Headings: United States – History, Civil War 1861-1865, Confederate

Appeal: measured, earnest, haunting, poignant, romantic, detailed, dangerous, introspective, strong secondary characters, well-developed, layered, rural, well-crafted, well-researched

3 terms that best describe the book: profound, ruminative, and heartrending

3 relevant Non-Fiction Works and Authors

For Cause and Comrades: Why Men Fought in the Civil War by James M. McPherson

Mr. McPherson is a well known Civil War historian. This book explains the varied reasons why Union and Confederate soldiers fought in this bitter war, illuminating for the reader why soldiers like Cold Mountain’s Inman joined the war effort and why some, like Inman, became disillusioned by it.

The Long Shadow of the Civil War: Southern Dissent and Its Legacies by Victoria E. Bynum

Written by a historian from Texas State University, this book highlights one of the themes found in Cold Mountain; that Confederate views about the causes and justness of the war were conflicted.

This Republic Of Suffering: Death And The American Civil War by Drew Gilpin Faust

This book examines why the Civil War was so traumatic to the country and the desire to find some semblance of meaning among the bloodshed.

Three Relevant Fiction Works and Authors

The Horse Whisperer by Nicholas Evans

This story is similar to Cold Mountain in that it is based on the need of a traumatized soul to find a way to live with lasting wounds, physically and mentally.

East Of The Mountains by David Guterson

This is another story of a hero who embarks on an odyssey, with vivid descriptions of the land, as in Cold Mountain.

The Big Sky by A.B. Guthrie

An epic tale of adventure and romance in the American frontier, this is a story about finding yourself in the wide, open sweeping mountains of the West.

Rosemary Sullivan


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