The Chameleon’s Shadow


Chameleon's Shadow
Author: Minnette Walters
Title: The Chameleon’s Shadow
Genre: Mystery / Psychological Suspense
Pub. Date: 2008
Pages: 370
Setting: London
Time period: 2007

Lt. Charles Acland, the sole survivor of a life-altering explosion in the Iraq war returns to England with memory loss, extreme migraines, guilt, anger, depression and injuries that have left one side of his face severely disfigured. His self-imposed isolation reveals itself in repulsion and aggression to a mere touch or show of sympathy from others. His hard exterior is broken down by a 250-pound, weightlifting, lesbian doctor, when she stops him from severely beating a man in a bar fight after one of his frequent unprovoked attacks. It is through the interactions with this new found equal that we discover the roots of Acland’s deeper problems in his relationships with women (especially his mother and ex-fiancée) in his life and how these might just connect him to the serial murders of three gay or bisexual men. Walter’s skillful use of official and unofficial documents and conversations opens the story up to multiple interpretations, turning the murders and the relationships involved into a “he said she said” scenario. In the end, readers are left as surprised about who committed the murders as to why.

Subject Headings:
Iraq War, 2003—Veterans—Great Britain—Fiction
Personality disorders—Fiction
London (England)—Fiction

Engrossing, compelling, candid, emotionally-charged, , psychological, sobering, suspenseful, detailed, interior, introspective, frank, engaging.

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