Author: Barbara Walters
Title: Audition
Genre: Nonfiction, Memoir
Publication Date: 2008
Number of Pages: 587
Geographical Setting:  Primarily New York City
Time Period:  20th Century
Series: No
Plot Summary:  This vivid, engrossing memoir follows Barbara Walters from her childhood as the daughter of an entertainment magnate to her present as a journalism icon. Told in her own familiar voice, Walters gives great insight into how she moved from position to position and network to network, as well as candid looks into interviews with celebrities and politicians big and small. Named for her feeling that her entire life has just been a series of one audition after another, despite her fame, she allows her fears to show through despite her famous name. A big revelation of an affair with another celebrity is tempered by details of her day to day family life, including her handicapped sister and troubled daughter.  Teeming with celebrity names and juicy stories, this memoir reads like a novel as the pages fly by.
Subject Headings:  Celebrity, Journalists, Biography, Memoir
Appeal:  Engrossing, candid, detailed, character-centered, episodic, rich and famous, family-centered, funny, details of broadcast journalism, chatty, colorful, vivid
Three Terms that Best Describe this Book:  Engrossing, candid, rich and famous
Similar Works:
Valley of the Dolls, Jacqueline Suzanne  (rich and famous, engrossing, vivid)
Everyone Worth Knowing, Lauren Weisberger (rich and famous, witty, character-centered)
Postcards from the Edge, Carrie Fisher (rich and famous, funny, witty, candid)
This Time Together, Carol Burnett (funny, engrossing)
Personal History, Katharine Graham (engrossing, literary, details of journalism, detailed)
Live from New York, by James Miller and Tom Shales (episodic, details of tv show, behind-the-scenes)


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