Author: Alice Sebold

Title: Lucky

Genre: Nonfiction

Publication Date: 1999

Number of Pages: 246

Geographical Setting: Syracuse, New York

Time Period: 1981

Series: Not Applicable

Plot Summary: A memoir by author, Alice Sebold, that chronicles the violent rape and subsequent trial she experienced as a college freshmen in Syracuse, New York. An honest, detailed account of how the violent crime affected Sebold’s life and relationships with her family, friends, and community. After most other students at her small university learn of her attack, Sebold struggles to keep friendships and relate to others. Tragically, her closest confidant ends their friendship after randomly experiencing a similar crime. Although Sebold successfully identifies and testifies against her attacker, she reveals that the brutal crime had lasting negative effects on her life for years following the trial. Candidly written, some readers may struggle with the details of the attack and trial.

Subject Headings: Sebold, Alice; Rape victims – United States – Case studies; Post-traumatic stress disorder; Trials (Rape) – United States – Case Studies; Drug addicts; Drug addiction; Post-traumatic stress disorder in patients; Coping in women; Heroin addiction; Heroin addicts

Appeal: Deliberate, unhurried, uncomfortable, dark, closely observed, well-drawn characters, character-centered, tragic, accurate, detailed setting, candid, and descriptive

3 Terms That Best Describe This Book: Unhurried, tragic, and candid

Similar Authors and Works:


  • Passing for Normal: A Memoir of Compulsion by Amy S. Wilensky: An honest, candid memoir of a woman coping with mental illness and her family’s reactions
  • The Disappearance by Genevieve Jurgensen: An eloquently written memoir by a woman struggling with the tragic deaths of her two young daughters
  • Giving Up a Ghost: A Memoir by Hilary Mantel: An author’s descriptive memoir that uses humor and satire to tell her tragic story


  • The Devil’s Backbone by Kim Wozencraft: Similar storyline involving post-traumatic stress disorder; candid, honest writing style
  • Dear Zoe: A Novel by Philip Beard: Honest emotions; well-drawn characters; dealing with a family tragedy
  • The Sea by John Banville: A beautifully written story of a man coping with loss; a descriptive story with well-drawn characters

Name: Rebecca Dorsey

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