Hot Target


Author: Suzanne Brockmann

Title: Hot Target

Genre: Romantic Suspense; LGBT, Audiobook; Best Seller

Publication Date: 2004

Length: 15 hours 52 minutes (560 pages)

Geographical Setting: Southern California

Time Period: present/2004

Series: Troubleshooters Series (Hot Target is book 8 of 15)

Plot Summary:

A movie producer “has been” by the age of 26, Jane Mercedes Chadwick is putting everything she has into her new movie, the true story of a homosexual war hero from World War II, being played by her younger brother Robin.  However the media buzz has brought the movie to the attention of extremist groups, including the neo-Nazi organization the Freedom Network, who is believed to be sending Jane death threats.  The studio creating the movie alerts the FBI and hires Troubleshooters, Inc. who send a group of bodyguards, including Cosmo Richter, a Navy Seal on temporary leave, to protect Jane.  Also guarding Chadwick is FBI agent Jules Cassidy, whose manipulative ex-lover Adam Wyndham is cast as the Robin’s lover in the movie.  As Robin, a womanizing alcoholic, beings to develop a confusing attraction towards Jules, his sister and Cosmo negotiate their own relationship. The suspense and action builds quickly as a sniper beings shooting at Jane’s house and purposely shooting people associated with Jane and Cosmo.  The Troubleshooters, Inc. must work very quickly to find out who is responsible before the studio stops backing the controversial and deadly movie and Jane is killed.

Subject Headings: Man/Woman Relationships; Man/Man Relationships; Navy Seals; Hollywood; Filmmaking; LGBT; Homophobia; Terrorism; Extremism; Parent/Child Relationship; Romance; Bodyguards; War;

Appeal: fast-paced; intriguing; uneasiness; foreboding; dangerous; humorous; smart repartee; recognizable characters; multiple points of view; action oriented; racy; details of filmmaking/Navy Seals;

3 terms that best describe this book: strong secondary characters; suspenseful; multiple plot lines;

Similar Authors and Works (why are they similar?):


Warrior Soul: the Memoir of a Navy Seal by Chuck Pfarrar – A former assault element commander for Navy Seal Team Six and current screenwriter, Pfarrar writes of his experiences as a special operative in the U.S. military.  Pfarrar covers topics such as the brutal Seal training, the work of covert ops, his numerous missions, and the detrimental effect of his work on his personal life.

A Special Agent: Gay and Inside the FBI by Frank Buttino – A 20 year veteran of the FBI with an outstanding record of service as an investigator and undercover operative, an anonymous letter sent to the FBI and his parents outed Buttino a gay man.  After an inquiry by the FBI of his private life, Buttino was fired.  This memoir details his life as a homosexual federal agent and his decision to sue the FBI for discrimination.

Confronting Right Wing Extremism and Terrorism in the USA by George Michael – This book is an examination of domestic terrorism and extremist groups from religious, racialist, and militant organizations in America.  It also looks at the efforts by governmental and non-governmental agencies to interdict and monitor these groups.


MacKenzie’s Pleasure by Linda Howard – This novel of Romantic Suspense follows Zane, a Navy Seal who must infiltrate Libya, rescue the daughter of an Ambassador who has been kidnapped, and then solve the mystery of who and why the Ambassador’s daughter was taken.  Book 3 of 5 in the MacKenzie Family Saga, this intriguing novel has familiar secondary characters and considerable detail of the work of Navy Seals.

It Takes Two by Elliott Mackle – A Romantic Mystery/Suspense novel, set in post World War II Florida, between former Navy Lieutenant and current hotel manager Dan Ewing and former Marine Sergeant and present Police Detective Bud Wright.  After a questionable murder suicide at the hotel which caters to the “special needs” of the guests, the two lovers try to find out what really happened.  A suspenseful novel with multiple plot lines, including the main characters’ confusion regarding sexual identity.

Ice Station by Matt Reilly – A suspenseful and adrenaline fueled story with a touch of romance.  Shane Shofield is the leader of an elite Marine squad who must rescue scientists who have discovered something buried in a 100 million year old block of ice and are stranded on a remote ice station in Antarctica.  A fast paced and action oriented novel.

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