The Alchemist


Author: Paolo Coelho

Title: The Alchemist

Genre: Inspirational

Publication Date: 1988

Number of Pages: 173

Geographical Setting: Spain, Tangier, Sahara Desert, Egypt

Time Period: Past

Series: N/A

Plot Summary:

An introspective young shepherd is trying to sell the wool of his sheep to earn money and impress a girl, but his Personal Legend had other ideas.  When he reaches town, he seeks the help of a gypsy woman who tells him that he will find his treasure at the pyramids.  He tries to dismiss the nonsense, however, when he encounters a man who tells him the same story and knows of his past, they young boy decides to set out on a journey to the pyramids.  Throughout his journey the young boy comes to realizations about his life and learns how to communicate with the world and own heart.  This short novel merges simplicity and profundity magnificently and will appeal to readers who enjoy metaphysical stories and philosophical plotlines.

Subject Headings:

Personal Journey








Appeal: Introspective, Character-Center, Simple, Austere, Compassionate, Contemplative, Heartwarming, Magical, Unpretentious, Thoughtful, Compelling, Deliberate

3 terms that best describe this book: Introspective, Character-Centered, Simple

Similar author and works (why are they similar?):


Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Readers may appreciate the romantic appeal and a story told in a similar style.  Readers might be able to connect to this story because it is from a writer outside the United States.

Replay by Ken Grimwood

This title will gain interest with readers who are interested in life cycles and the permanence of the future.

The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman

A personal journey for a boy who thinks he has it all, soon find out that the way he is living will lead him to sure unhappiness.


The Dream Weaver: One Boy’s Journey Through the Landscape of Reality by Jack Bowen

Will appeal to readers who enjoy the philosophical tone, and deeper meaning in The Alchemist.

Finding God in the Questions: A Personal Journey by Timothy G. Johnson

The religious appeal will carry readers through this title if they are looking for deeper meaning and a higher power.

Headwraps: A Global Journey by Georgia Scott

This multi-cultural exploration ties in the larger scope of humanity with coincidence and serendipity.

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