Innocent Traitor


Author: Alison Weir

Title: Innocent Traitor: A Novel of Lady Jane Grey

Genre: Historical Fiction

Publication Date: 2006

Number of Pages: 399 p.

Geographical Setting: England

Time Period: 16th Century

Series: n/a

Plot Summary: This novel is a fictional portrait of Lady Jane Grey – a descendant of the infamous King Henry VIII.  The story follows her from her birth through the politically motivated schemes to place her on the throne to finally her nine-day reign as Queen and its resulting tragic end.

Subject Headings: Grey, Jane; Queens – Great Britain; Great Britain – History; Edward VI; Henry VIII; Catholicism; Protestantism; Royalty

3 terms that best describe this book: Moving, Dramatic, Leisurely Paced

3 Similar Non-Fiction Works and Authors:

  1. Lady Jane Grey: A Tudor Mystery by E.W. Ives.  This nonfiction book takes a detailed look at the life and death of Lady Jane Grey.  For those interested in the factual details of Jane Grey’s accession to the British throne this book is a must-read.
  2. Bloody Mary: The Life of Mary Tudor by Carolly Erickson.  Like Weir, Erickson writes about British history.  Although her work is nonfiction, Carolly’s style is narrative and accessible to the everyday reader.  For readers interested in nonfiction Tudor history with a novelistic approach this will be an informative read.
  3. Disraeli: The Victorian Dandy who became Prime Minister by Christopher Hibbert.  Although Hibbert’s work does not focus entirely on British history or the royal family he does share a similar style to Weir.  Like Weir, Hibbert’s books contain a wealth of personal detail and his style lends itself to a quick and enlightening read.  For readers who enjoyed the scandals – both political and personal – in Innocent Traitor this book will prove similar.

3 Similar Fiction Works and Authors:

  1. The Glass Virgin by Catherine Cookson.  Another work of Historical Fiction set in Great Britain; this character-driven novel also explores male/female relationships and provides similar drama.
  2. The Crimson Petal and the White by Michel Faber.  Also set in Great Britain, this novel explores male/female relationships from the perspective of a prostitute in London during the 1870’s.  This differs from Innocent Traitor in which the main character is of noble birth, but readers may still enjoy the richly-detailed story.
  3. The Rebels of Ireland by Edward Rutherford.  While the setting is different – Ireland vs. England, readers of historical fiction may still enjoy the detailed story and perspective of the noble characters found in each novel.  Additionally, this novel addresses the Catholic/Protestant conflict during the 16th century which can also be found in Innocent Traitor.

Name: Liz Humrickhouse


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