The Long Fall by Walter Mosley


The Long Fall by Walter Mosley

Author: Walter Mosley

Title: The Long Fall

Genre: Mystery, Private Investigator

Publication Date: 2009

Number of Pages: 306

Geographical Setting: New York City

Time Period: 21st Century

Series: A Leonid McGill Mystery (Book One)

Plot Summary: Leonid Trotter “LT” McGill is a 53 year old private investigator past his prime. Trying to be more selective in his work due to too many shady dealings in the past, imagine LT’s surprise when three men he finds for a client turn up dead. Discovering the man who hired him used an alias, LT calls on various connections to track the man down, but what he finds only leads to more questions. To add to his troubles, LT is in a loveless marriage, and goes to great lengths to monitor a charming teenage son too smart for his own good. With the tenacity of the ex-boxer he is, LT bounces back from each physical and mental blow to discover who is behind the murders and why, and even finds time to save his son.

Subject Headings: Private investigators, Gangs, Fathers and sons

Appeal: fast-paced, dark, gritty, series, action-oriented, contemporary, urban, conversational, resolved ending, brooding, street-smart, compelling, character-driven

3 terms that best describe this book: moral ambiguity, colorful New York environments, flawed character

Similar Authors and Works:

3 Relevant Non-Fiction Works and Authors:
Alphaville: 1988, Crime, Punishment, and the Battle for New York City’s Lower East Side (2010) by Michael Codella describes the author’s experience as a plain-clothes narcotics officer working to take down a drug lord.
A Cop’s Tale—NYPD: The Violent Years: A Detectives Firsthand Account of Murder and Mayhem (2009) by Jim O’Neil is a riveting account of police work in New York City in the ’70s and ’80s.
Bad Seeds in the Big Apple: Bandits, Killers, and Chaos in New York City, 1920-40 (2008) by Patrick Downey offers a historical view of crime in the Big Apple.

3 Relevant Fiction Works and Authors:
New York Dead (1991) by Stuart Woods, the first novel in the Stone Barrington series, a PI working in Manhattan.
The Last Gig (2009) by Norman Green, the first novel in the Alessandra Martillo series, features a Puerto Rican female PI working in the Bronx.
Voyeur (2010) by Daniel Judson, a standalone novel featuring a former Manhattan PI working on one last case.

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