The Five People You Meet in Heaven

by Albom, Mitch

 Title: The Five People You Meet in Heaven

 Genre: Inspirational

 Publication Date:  2003

 Number of Pages: 196

 Geographical Setting: Amusement park, heaven

 Time Period: 1920s – mid to late 2000s

 Series:  n/a

 Plot Summary: Eddie spends the last hour of this 83rd birthday contemplating his life. Little does Eddie know that he will die saving a young girl from a malfunctioning ride at the amusement park where he works.  On the way to heaven he meets five people.  Each encounter helps Eddie examine the impact he’s made on others as well as the effects on his own life.  He eventually realizes that events aren’t always what they seem to be on the surface.

Alternating past and present, Albom describes the events in Eddie’s life in vivid, rich detail.  Some events are chillingly realistic and dramatic, others are bittersweet and profound.  This character centered, thought-provoking and insightful novel allows readers to examine their lives and consider the life beyond in a new way.

Subject Headings: elderly men, death, afterlife, heaven, life choices, amusement parks, war, accident victims, forgiveness, psychological fiction, journeys, veterans

Appeal: inspirational, descriptive, leisurely paced, strong sense of place, detailed, flashbacks, thought provoking, character-centered, reflective, dramatic description of war, insightful, episodic, poignant, contemplative, bittersweet

3 terms that best describe this book: inspirational, thought provoking, poignant

3 Relevant Non-Fiction Works and Authors

Chopra, Deepak—Life After Death: the burden of proof (after life, thought-provoking, death, insightful)

Heller, Joseph—Now and Then: from Coney Island to here (veterans, reflective, character-driven, relaxed pace, biography)

Pausch, Randy—The Last Lecture (life lessons, death, thought provoking, reflective)

3 Relevant Fiction Works and Authors

Burchard, Brendon—Life’s Golden Ticket (insightful, amusement parks, psychological fiction, inspirational, journeys)

O’Brien, Tim—The Things They Carried (war, moving, reflective, character-driven, relaxed pace, death, veterans)

Wallace, Daniel—Ray in Reverse (psychological fiction, character-driven, moving, heaven, flashbacks)

Name: Debbie Siegel



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