To Tame A Land



Author:  Louis L’Amour                                                                                                                  

Title:  To Tame A Land                                                                     

Publication Date: 1955                                                                     

Pages:  269

Genre:  Western

Geographical Setting:  Western United States

Time Period: Mid 1800’s

Subject Headings:  Western stories

Appeal:  Fast-paced, suspenseful, optimistic, well-developed characters, strong secondary characters, action-oriented, linear, detailed, romance, descriptive, frank, resolved ending

Plot Summary:   Orphaned twelve-year-old Tyler learns how to survive on his own when he is abandoned on the westward trail in the middle of Indian country.  He learns to live off the land and develops a reputation for his quick, sharp shooting skills.  Tyler’s wanderings introduce him to an array of dramatic characters and situations.  This fast-paced story is filled with vivid descriptions of western landscape and is told with a refreshing frank style.

Three terms that best describe this book:  Fast-paced, action-oriented, descriptive

Similar authors and fiction works:

Gunman’s Goal by Max Brand

A crime story about a western adventurer who helps a beautiful girl find her missing father.  Fast-paced, romantic, descriptive

Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry

Saga of engrossing characters on a cattle run. 

Descriptive, romantic, leisurely-paced.

Rangers of the Lone Star by Zane Grey

An ex-outlaw deputy U.S. marshal puts a stop to cattle rustling and deals with hostile rivals.

Fast-paced, insightful characters, contemplative

Similar authors and non-fiction works:

Breaking Clean by Judy Blunt

Rodeo’s, blizzards, family ties and isolation are part of life growing up on Northern Montana. 

Informative, intimate, authentic

Lasso the Wind: Away to the New West by Timothy Egan

New York Times correspondent goes on an eleven state journey in order to gain insight into the American west.

Compelling, descriptive, humorous,

This House of Sky by Ivan Doig

Memoir of a cowboy’s life growing up in Montana.

Unhurried, eccentric, engaging

Name:  Debbie Jancik

Read July 19, 2011















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