Magic Hour


Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah

Author: Hannah, Kristin

Title: Magic Hour

Genre: Women’s Lives and Relationships

Publication Date: 2006

Number of Pages: 391

Geographical Setting: Olympia National Forest, Rain Valley Washington

Time Period: Present Day

Series: N/A

Plot Summary: Julia Caites is a world famous child psychiatrist, reeling from claims of incompetence after one of her patients murders fellow students. Ellie Barton is Julia’s older sister and the Chief of Police in their sleepy little hometown of Rain Valley Washington. The sisters have an estranged relationship and neither has been lucky in love. One day, a little girl is discovered, filthy, starving, naked and cradling a wolf pup in downtown Rain Valley. She cannot speak and it appears that she cannot understand human communication. Ellie decides to call in her sister for help. With the assistance of a handsome male doctor with a mysterious past and a huge cast of small town regulars, Julia and Ellie must provide support and love to the little girl, whom they decide to call Alice. A heartwarming, page turner about the bonds of sisterly love and human relationships.

Subject Headings: Child psychologists-fiction; Northwest, Pacific-fiction; Psychological fiction

Appeal: Heartwarming, fast-paced, engrossing, hopeful, moving, sympathetic, domestic, resolved ending, family-centered, small-town, simple, homespun, reflective

3 terms that best describe this book: Heartwarming, moving, hopeful

Similar Authors and Works:

3 Relevant Non-Fiction Works and Authors: Lierow, Diane Dani’s Story: A Journey from Neglect to Love (tells the story of a feral child’s recovery, similar to Alice’s story); Dietrich, William The Final Forest: the Battle for the Last Great Trees of the Pacific Northwest (geography of the land, ecology of the region); Brinker, Nancy Promise Me: How A Sister’s Love Launched the Global Movement to End Breast Cancer (examines another relationship between sisters)

3 Relevant Fiction Works and Authors: Smith, Haywood Ladies of the Lake (four sisters relationships); Thayer, Nancy Beachcombers (heartwarming story of three sisters); Hornug, Eva Dog Boy (tale of a feral child raised by a dog pack)

Meg Cichantk


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