The Camel Club


Author:  David Baldacci

Title:  The Camel Club

Genre:  Political fiction; Suspense stories

Publication Date:  2005

Number of Pages:  448; Audiobook  (Read By Jonathan Davis) Running Time: 16 hours

Geographical Setting: Washington D.C.

Time Period:  Post 9/11

Series (If applicable): Camel Club Novels

Plot Summary:  Oliver Stone is the head of the group that calls themselves the Camel Club.  It consists of three more members, a brilliant hacker who has obsessive – compulsive disorder, an archivist who likes to dress in 19th century garb and a Vietnam veteran.  These four men meet to uncover the “truth” that is hidden from the American public by the government.  During one of these meetings, they witness a murder, which involves them in a plot that will threaten the security of the entire nation.  The Camel club gets help from a Secret Service agent, Alex Ford, who is also drawn into this dramatic and suspenseful plot. David Baldacci’s latest thriller is full of conspiracy theories, politics, murder, intrigue and terrorist plots and it promises to keep the reader on the edge of it’s seat.

Subject Headings: Murder Witnesses; Terrorists; Conspiracies; Secret societies; conspiracy theories; kidnapping; National security; Nuclear warfare

Appeal: Plot-driven, intricately plotted, compelling, suspenseful, dramatic, multiple points of view, foreboding, series characters, contemporary, descriptive, investigative, issue-oriented

3 terms that best describe this book:

Plot-driven, compelling, suspenseful

Similar Authors and Works (why are they similar?):

3 Relevant Non-Fiction Works and Authors

The Middle East: a brief history of the last 2000 years Bernard Lewis (Gives a history of the Middle East and the political, social and cultural development).

Conspiracies and Secret Societies Brad Steiger; Sherry Steiger (Provides a detailed and extensive list of conspiracies and secret societies throughout history).

My jihad: the true story of an American mujahid’s amazing journey from Usama Bin Laden’s training camps to counterterrorism with the FBI and CIA  Aukai Collins (This story combines an inside look into the training camps in Afghanistan and an inside look into the United States intelligence agencies.)

3 Relevant Fiction Works and Authors

The Jefferson Key Steve Berry (A story that is rich with American history and complete with secret codes, political information and is action-packed).

The Inner Circle Brad Meltzer ( A political thriller that is full of conspiracies and history that takes place within Washington D.C).

Sphere of Influence Kyle Mills ( A story of a terrorist cell within the United States and an international conspiracy).

Name:  Sara Bartels

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