A Home at the End of the World


Author: Michael Cunningham

Title: A Home at the End of the World

Genre:  Gay/Lesbian

Publication Date:  November 1998

Number of Pages: 352

Geographical Setting: Cleveland, New York City, Upstate New York, Arizona

Time Period: 1990’s

Series: N/A

Plot Summary: Jonathan and Bobby have been friends since the age of thirteen. The boys live out this time in their lives in Cleveland and eventually end up in New York. Clare comes into the picture and the relationships become complicated. The three of them try to become a family and live their lives together.

Subject Headings: Family, Relationships, Gay Men,

Appeal: bittersweet, thoughtful, leisurely paced, insightful, well-developed, issue-oriented, engaging, moody, hopeful, realistic, detailed setting, cinematic

3 terms that best describe this book:

bittersweet, hopeful, well-developed

Similar Authors and Works:

3 Relevant Non-Fiction Works and Authors

1.         Leaving Mother Lake: a girlhood at the edge of the world – by Namu Yang. A young girl who is Chinese tells the story of life in Moso country in the Himalayas. She lives in a society led by women and after enduring conflicts with her mother decides to leave. This story is also about growing up and finding ones way in the world.

2.         The invisible wall: a love story that broke barriers- by Harry Berstein

Here is another tale about growing up and discovering one’s own path. Harry Bernstein grew up in a small English town. The town seemed like every other small town except for the invisible but real line that divided the Christian families from the Jewish families. Life gets further complicated when Harry’s older sister falls in love with a Christian boy.

3.         Falling Through the Earth -by Danielle Trussoni

Family problems and dysfunction is the theme of this book. This book follows the author’s life growing up with a Vietnam veteran. Her father is haunted by the war and both have to deal with the outrageous behavior and the damage that it caused.

3 Relevant Fiction Works and Authors

1.         The Memory of Running-Rom McLarty

While working in a toy factory in Rhode Island, the main character finds himself without friends and battling alcoholism. Suddenly after a tragic event he decides to bike cross-country.

2.         Carry Me Home- Sandra Kring

Earl always depended on his older brother. His older brother is sent to war and returns three years later but not as the same person. Earl finds himself in the position of protector instead of the one who is being protected.

3.         The Song of Names-Norman Lebrecht

Two close friends Martin and Dovidl, a violin prodigy, live in London in the 1930s and at the end of World War II. All is well unitl Dovidl disappears on the night before his first performance.


Name: Juanita Fisher


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