Heaven Is For Real


Author:  Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent

Title:  Heaven Is For Real

Genre:  Spirituality and Religion; Non-Fiction; Inspirational

Publication Date:  Nov. 2010

Number of Pages:  150

Geographical Setting:  Imperial, Nebraska

Time Period:  2004

Series (If applicable):

Plot Summary:  When Colton Burpo was four years old, he underwent surgery to fix a ruptured appendix that had been leaking poison into his small body for five days.  Months after surviving this life-threatening illness, he started to slowly reveal to his parents that he went to Heaven while he was being operated on in the innocent, honest way that only small children can.  By sharing accurate details of people he had never known on Earth but had met in Heaven and describing impossible details of Heaven, Jesus, and God that scripture passages seem to support, his pastor father Todd and his mother Sonja began to believe he had to be telling the truth.  This compelling, inspirational story will make any reader rethink what they previously thought and believed about God and Heaven.

Subject Headings:  Burpo, Colton, 1999- ; Four-year-old boys – Nebraska – Biography; Heaven (Christianity); Near-death experience – Religious aspects – Christianity; Christian life – Nebraska; Eschatology, Christian

Appeal:  Compelling, steady, gentle, heartwarming, moving, unpretentious, insightful, inspirational, thought-provoking, small-town, accessible, conversational, simple

3 terms that best describe this book:  Compelling, inspirational, accessible

Similar Authors and Works (why are they similar?):

3 Relevant Non-Fiction Works and Authors

–       Coming Back Stronger: Unleashing the Hidden Power of Adversity by Drew Brees with Chris Fabry – This is also a story from the spirituality and religion genre with a similar inspirational tone.

–       Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experience by Jeffrey Long, M.D. – This compilation of research and experiences from the Near Death Experience Research Foundation could be an interesting choice for readers that want to learn about more near-death experiences and other evidence of an after-life.  Similar to Heaven is for Real, this book is also in the spirituality and religion genre.

–       90 Minutes in Heaven: A True Story of Death & Life by Don Piper – This story is also in the spirituality and religion genre with an inspirational tone and conversational writing style.  It’s another account of a person’s experience in Heaven while they were pronounced dead after a car accident but miraculously came back to life.

3 Relevant Fiction Works and Authors

–       The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein – This title has a similarly inspirational tone.

–       The Noticer: Sometimes All a Person Needs is a Little Perspective by Andy Andrews – This book has a similarly inspirational and moving tone and is set in a small town.

–       The Locket by Richard Paul Evans – This book has a similarly inspirational and heartwarming tone.

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