The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros


The House on Mango Street

Author:Sandra Cisneros
Title:  The House on Mango Street

PublicationDate: 1984

Pages:  110

Genre:  Non-fiction.

Available: Spanish, Audio

Geographical Setting:  Chicago, Illinois

Time Period:  1980

Subject Headings:  Latina Women; Short Stories; Vignettes; Esperanza Cordero; Sandra Cisneros; Hispanic Americans; Mexican American; Illinois (Chicago)

Appeal: easy, unhurried, atmospheric, poignant, lifelike, strong secondary characters, authentic, character-centered, detailed setting, intimate, conversational, lyrical

Plot Summary:   Sandra Cisneros (Esperanza Cordero) uses lyrical vignettes while retelling her youth as a poor Hispanic American in Chicago, Illinois.  The very short chapters (2 – 3 pages) are dedicated to describing various memories of family members and childhood friends.  The reader receives a very intimate look into the Hispanic culture revealing the struggle of Hispanic women to become independent of male authority figures.

Three terms that best describe this book:  authentic, lyrical, character-centered

Similar authors and fiction works:

How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents by Julie Alvarez

Four sisters adjust to life in the Bronx after moving from the Dominican Republic.  Told in fifteen short stories from each of their perspectives.  builds in intensity (told in reverse chronological order), multiple points of view, authentic

Maud Martha by Gwendolyn Brooks

Lyrical account of a young black girl growing up in Chicago, Illinois in the 1940’s to 1950’s.  unhurried, sobering, hopeful

The Book of Lamentations by Rosario Castellanos

A story about a Mayan uprising against the white ruling class set in the 1930’s.  relentless, disturbing, dramatic

Similar authors and non-fiction works:

From My Mother’s Hands by Nellie Campobello

Bedside table book about mother/daughter relationships told by thirty-three notable Texas women. Recipes included.  leisurely-paced, compassionate, inspiring

American Immigration (The Chicago History of American Civilization) by Maldwyn Allen Jones

Study of immigrants and the adjustment of their lives in America. stately, academic, accurate

Blowout!: Sal Castro and the Chicano Struggle for Educational Justice by Mario T. Garcia and Sal Castro

The account of the 1968 movement for equal education for Hispanic Americans.  engrossing, humorous, historical details

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