Author: Gaiman, Neil

Title: Neverwhere

Genre:  Urban Fantasy

Publication Date: 1996

Number of Pages: 370 p.

Geographical Setting: London

Time Period: present day

Series: N/A

Plot Summary: In this gritty urban fantasy, an ordinary character suddenly finds himself thrust into a wonderfully dark and twisted adventure.  Richard Meyhew is an average Scottish bloke living in London who leads an ordinary life, is engaged to a
beautiful woman and is happily moving up the corporate ladder.  His world is turned upside down, however, when he finds a strange young woman bleeding on the side of the road one night.   The appearance of two villainous men who are on her trail and her display of strange talents lead Richard to suspect she is no ordinary woman.  His desire to help her leads him into a series of amazing adventures in “London Below,” a bizarre society under the street of London filled with otherworldly characters, mythic beasts and sudden violence that force Richard to discover parts of himself that he did not know existed.  The blend of literary illusions, nonstop action, interesting characters, and an intricately plotted quest that takes place in the parallel world of London’s underground make this a compelling read.

Subject Headings:

Underground homeless persons Fiction; Underground areas Fiction; Businessmen Fiction; Subways Fiction; London (England) Fiction;
Fantasy fiction; Horror fiction.

Appeal Terms:

Dark fantasy; menacing atmosphere; nightmarish; intricate;
dangerous situations; edgy; gritty; eccentric characters; intruiging plot
twists; contemporary urban setting; witty; imaginative and surreal.

Three Words That Describe This Book: dark fantasy, edgy, intricate

Three relevant
authors and works (Fiction):

Terry Pratchett, The
Color of Magic.  
Book one of a
series, this novel tells the story of a tourist named Twoflower and a wizard as
they journey through a magical world.
Gaiman fans should enjoy the British humor and hapless protagonist.

Charles de Lint, The
Painted Boy
. The pioneer of urban fantasy, de Lint writes about fantastic
worlds that are parallel to ours.

Steven Millhauser, We
Others: New and Selected Stories
.  Millhauser
writes imaginative and thoughtful stories that are often allegories.  This collection features a vivid and
fantastic world peopled with offbeat but sympathetic characters.

Three relevant
authors and works (Nonfiction):

Marjorie Braymen , Atlantis, the
Biography of a Legend
.  This book examines
the legends of several centuries concerning the existence of Atlantis, the city
lost to the sea.

J.Mordaunt Crook The British
.  This reference book tells you everything you
need to know about the history and the collection contained at the British

W.J. Passingham Romance of
London’s Underground
.  A unique history of
London’s subways the will explain origins of the names of the stops described
in Neverwhere.


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