By Order of the President


Author: W.E.B Griffin

Title: By Order of the President

Genre: Suspense

Publication Date: 2004

Number of Pages: 528

Geographical Setting: Africa, Angola, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Washington, D.C, United States of America

Time Period: Modern day

Series (If applicable): Presidential Agent Novels (Book 1)

Plot Summary: By Order of the President is a post 9/11 suspense filled thriller.  The main character Carlos Guillermo Castillo is an army officer assigned as a special assistant to the secretary of homeland
security after a Boeing 727 is hijacked from an Angola airport.  As Castillo learns who did the hijacking and why, the President veils the investigation to allow Carlos to get a closer look at the internal workings of the CIA and FBI. The book is richly detailed with military and aircraft terminology and would be appreciated by those desiring jargon filled text.  Castillo is an interesting character with a very culturally rich background.  Born in Germany and raised by his mother until she dies of cancer when he is 12.  He is then raised by his father’s Mexican American parents and although the two never meet Carlos’s father plays a large role in his life as well.  His father posthumously is awarded the Medal of Honor which directly plays into Carlos being admitted to West Point.

Subject Headings: Presidents United States, Murder, Green Berets. Delta Force, United States Dept. of Homeland Security, Government investigators, Hijacking of aircraft, Undercover operations, Military pilots, Americans in Angola, Boeing 727

Appeal: Character-driven, Intricately plotted, Fast paced, Richly detailed, Jargon filled, Action oriented, Investigative, Plot twists, Political, Suspenseful, Dramatic, Compelling, Intriguing, Edgy,
Dangerous, Paranoid,

3 appeal terms that best describe this book: Character-driven, Intricately plotted, Fast paced.

3 Relevant Non-Fiction Works and Authors

Anti-Terrorism: Security and Insecurity after 9/11 by Sandra Magnusson.  This book documents the U.S government’s responses to terrorist activity since September 11th.

 More Secure, Less Free?: Antiterrorism Policy and Civil Liberties after September 11th by Mark Sidel.
This book covers the tensions of maintaining the war on terrorism and could be an interesting reading or used as a reality check after reading about Carlos Castillo’s adventure

 Modern Military Aircraft: The World’s Fighting Aircraft, 1945 to Present Day by Jim Winchester.
By Order of the President contains a fair amount of military aircraft jargon.  A non-fiction book like this could be a handy
a reference to readers confused by some of the terms.

 3 Relevant Fiction Works and Authors

Lethal, by Sandra Brown.
This faced paced thriller deals with internal issues within the
FBI.  There is also a terrorist element
as well as the main character is terrorized by her captor.

TailSpin, by Catherine Coulter.
Although this book may contain more romance than By Order of the President. This
thriller is similar in that it deals with FBI conspiracies/issues and aviation

The Killing Ground, by Jack Higgins.
This thriller is similar to By
Order of the President in
that deals with anti-terrorism in a post 9-11

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