Prayers for the Assassin


Author:  Robert Ferrigno

Title: Prayers for the Assassin

Genre: Science Fiction

Publication Date: 2006

Number of Pages: 397

Geographical Setting: The New America: Split into Islamic Republic of America and Christian Bible Belt

Time Period: 2040

Series (If applicable):
Assassin Trilogy, Book 1

Summary: The story is set in 2042 in what used to be the United States of America. After nuclear bombs destroyed Washington, D.C., New York City and left Mecca a radioactive wasteland, a civil war erupted which lead to the creation of two hostile nations-the Islamic Republic in the west and the Christian Bible Belt of the south. It is revealed that the attacks were done by Israeli agents. The new country was founding as a beacon of light and lead to majority of the population to convert to Islam. The Islamic Republic of America soon turned Catholics into second-class citizens with little civil liberties, ostracized Jews and Muslims are scared by a religious, fundamentalist group called the Blackrobes who are given free rein to cane immorally behaving citizens. The plot begins when elite shadow warrior Rakkim Epps is asked by the Head of Department of State Security, Redbeard, to find his runaway niece, Sarah. Sarah Dougan is a historian and author of a book which upset the country’s fundamentalist population. Sarah has her doubts in the truth behind the Zionist Betrayal and disappears to researcher her theory for her next book.  Sarah and her lover Rakkim are tracked by Darwin; a well-trained elite assassin across an unrecognizable U.S. Darwin is hired by the Old One, a fanatical Muslim billionaire who has played an important role in
the creation of the new republic.

Subject Headings: Islamic-Christian Relations, America Post 9/11, Conspiracy Theories, Islamic Fundamentalism, Post-Nuclear War, Terrorism, Civil War, Family Relationships, Men and Women Relations

Appeal: well-developed characters, thought-provoking, dangerous, gritty, compelling, fast-paced, suspenseful, well-researched, action-oriented,
multiple points of view, detailed setting, political

3 appeal terms that best describe this book: dangerous, action-oriented, detailed setting

Similar Authors and Works (why are they similar?):

3 Relevant
Non-Fiction Works and Authors

The Faith Club: A Muslim, a
Christian, a Jew–Three Women Search for Understanding
by Ranya Idliby. Three American women of different faiths collaborate together to write a children’s book on the similarities between Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The women form the “faith club” where they visit houses
of worships, discuss their differences and parallels of the religions, and read one another’s Scripture.

The Tenth Parallel:
Dispatches from the Fault Line between Christianity and Islam
by Eliza Griswold. A history of the tumultuous and complex relationship between Christianity and Islam. The writer looks at each religion, the people, the land, oil and politics in a regional and global overview.

The Bread of Angels: A
Memoir of Love and Faith in
Damascus by Stephanie Saldana. This is a memoir of Saldana’s travels to Syria on a Fulbright fellowship
but also to escape her history of failed romantic relationships. Saldana is studying Jesus Christ’s role in Islam. Unfortunately, Saldana is in the Middle East after United States invaded Iraq. During her travels, Saldana meets a young French monk, who helps her to find herself and her own faith in religion again.

3 Relevant
Fiction Works and Authors

The Race by Richard North Patterson. Senator Corey Grace is well-known war veteran and one of the Republican presidential candidates. However, Senator Grace is up against a Christian televangelist and another candidate willing to do anything to win the presidency. Grace has his own troubles with his politically left leaning votes and a blossoming relationship with an African-American actress and liberal, Lexie Hart. This is a fast-paced, suspenseful read depicting American politics.

By the Sword by Mike Yorkey. This modern thriller follows a U.S. reporter in the Middle East trying to uncover who is responsible for eradicating Christian and Jewish influence in the region. Those refusing to convert are mysteriously disappearing or dying in terrorist acts.

Resurrecting Midnight by Eric Jerome Dickey. The fourth book in the Gideon novels, Gideon is against the best assassin team across South America tracking a wanted packaged of a former lover. Along the way, Gideon finds truth about his lover, Arizona and his father who was killed many years ago.

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